Fish! It’s good for your brain

On any given day we will have a new battle.

It can be anything from refusing to go to bed, eating her food, tidying up, being cheeky or any other of a hundred things I could list, but wont.

Anything we ask of Lily is usually met with a no or I can’t, or won’t, or I’ll do it later. If we insist on her doing whatever it is we are asking of her, we are then treated to the hard done by act!! How can she turn on those instant tears, so….well…..instantly? It’s brilliant. One minute happy and giggling, the next woeful wailing, with the biggest tears streaming down her face. It’s time for bed, we say. Lily says no, we insist…crying! We say eat your dinner properly, like a human, not a cat. Lily says miaow, and carries on eating like a cat. We insist on her eating properly….crying! We ask her not to be cheeky. She says she can’t help it. We insist she stops….crying!  Continue reading


It’s not your fault I’m poorly!

It’s been a while since I visited my blog. I’ve no excuses, other than not really finding the time to sit and write.

Given this is a blog about Lily and for Lily, I think I need to make sure that I keep on top of it, otherwise what’s the point of documenting her early years. She’s going to open it up one day expecting to see pages and pages of interesting reading, only to see huge gaps in her life, and she’ll turn to me and say, “I knew you never cared about me”! I’m sure she will utter those words from time to time any way, in her endeavour to hurt me while feeling hard done by! As with all of my children, I’m sure sometimes she will wonder in awe at how I managed to read her mind, or know what she was about to do, or magically find out about a past wrong. Mums are so good at these amazing feats! Continue reading


Being three and some big changes

I can’t believe it’s been 21 days since my last post! I found myself suddenly busy with cake planning and baking that I have neglected the blog a little. Anyway this blog is not about my cake baking (although that might be a good lead up to one!!)

So, Lily turned three. It was a big moment for her. She was talking about it for ages before her birthday. Telling us how big she was going to be and how being three was ever more nearer to going to school . She really loves the idea of school. She loves the idea of school so much that I took her to the local one last week, along with a friend and her children, one of which is the same age as Lily, and they will start school together. She loved it. Continue reading


Out with the old and in with the new

I haven’t been keeping tabs on blogging since the beginning of December, as the whole preparation for the festivities has engulfed me. Making cakes, salt dough craft, jam and chutney, all for gifts. 

Lily has though been her usual spirited self, and has given us many laughs, and frowns of disappointment too.

She has developed a ‘look at me’ personality.Pretty much as her sister did 20 odd years ago. To be honest her big sister still has this personality at the tender age of 28. Maybe she will grow out of it!

We spent a week away over my birthday and new Year – Oh haven’t I mentioned it yet? I turned 50 last month.  Continue reading


Expressive behaviour or cheeky?

Image Lily is fast approaching her third birthday. Just six more weeks and she will a big girl and not a toddler any more.

I’m wondering, nay dreading, if she will up the ante in the cheekiness stakes (Allan said to prepare myself for more difficult times ahead). I don’t think she could act more 13 than she already does!  Continue reading


Go on boy. You can do it!

it’s been an odd couple of weeks, myself being poorly, and not really wanting to write anything, or even document what Lily has been up to. Luckily she has not caught the dreaded disease (a cold) and has been her usual top form self.

I will start with an update on Lily’s progress with her sleeping.

She has been utterly amazing! Her circadian rhythm has got it’s mojo back, and she is sleeping pretty much through every night. We have had the odd, and I mean the odd,night, where she has woken briefly, to be soothed by myself or Allan, and she has gone back to sleep straight away. We have a little girl who is full of beans and who enjoys her days, instead of flagging late afternoon and is grumpy and tired before dinner time. 

It has been a difficult 18 months or so and we have all been exhausted.

Lily and I would just like to thank everyone who has shown support in our endeavour to get things back on track. Continue reading


Buzz Off

Lily loves I spy, but like any toddler, makes her own rules up and I dare you to tell her the rules as you know them to be!

We had a particularly funny game the other day, where Allan started the game off, in an attempt to remind her how the game should be played. He started off with something simple like I spy with my little eye something beginning with B. To which we had a guess as to what it might be. I of course helped out a little, so Lily could associate her letters to her words more easily. Guesses of bum, boobles, window, chair and daddy, were all pretty nearly there, but the answer was book. So, now we have established the concept – not really – but it’s fun nonetheless. Lily was eager to have her turn. She had a turn or two, which went like this. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with … window”! Sigh. Cue the game play rules again. She then did the classic I spy tactic of looking at something, thinking to herself, that’ll flummox them, and looking away, pretending to look at something else. We saw her do it, then gave each other the ‘we know what she’s doing look’, before she piped, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with (then she started looking around again) …. “television”! For gawd sake. NO! say the letter not the object, you daft lump! Needless to say, we laughed, because that’s what you do when your kids act like numpties.  Continue reading