….And so we begin

I spend each and every day in the company of my little girl Lily, who gives me endless amounts of fun and laughter. She is bright, funny and obviously very beautiful to me. I wonder sometimes what my life would be like if at 46, I had not found out I was pregnant! (GASPS all round). Quieter? yes for sure! She has brought so much love in to our family and is always ready with a smile (ermm!) and gives out kisses to anyone who wants one (even the postie if he asked, I’m sure). A friend told me recently that she downloads her posts from FB about her children, as a record of what they say and do. This has prompted me to write this blog. I wanted to have something for Lily to look back on in years to come and smile knowing how much she made us laugh (and possibly cry) in her formative years.

If you have dropped by per chance, I hope you will find us a little entertaining, and if you know us already then what you read as time goes on won’t surprise you one little bit! Lily is not unique in the fact that she is so utterly entertaining.  I just somehow want to capture her spirit (and she has that …. oh yes).

Of course I now wish I had started this sooner, as I would have had dozens of funny moments written down here. Lily’s speech is said to be advanced, and we do hold many conversations with her that invariably turn in to my hubby and myself sniggering behind cupped hands. Only to have Lily jab her finger at us saying, “It’s not funny, it’s not funny at all”! Try keeping a straight face with that, it’s impossible.

I have found her licking the inside of the freezer after managing to open the door. “What are you doing Lily”? I asked. “Licking the freezer”! She replied. Ask a stupid question.

She told me recently that Brothers in Arms was too slow! I thought, ‘Hmmm,  I must write to Mr Knopfler’!

How do I tell her there are no Yab Yabs coming to get her, when I don’t even know what one looks like!  They are in the cupboard apparently, but if you think I’m going in there to look………..

She has developed a little stutter and as she’s struggling to get some words out, she will proclaim, “I can’t talk mummy”! Oh, how I wish that were so, some days.

I tried to rouse her from a particularly long nap one day recently by bouncing on the bed. She just looked at me through squinted eyes and said, “Stop bouncing on the bed mummy, you’re not a kangaroo”! Indeed I’m not.

How many children take off their clothes to be able to hover naked over the warm air coming out of the back of the hoover! I know one at least. And no, this one she definitely did not learn from me!

Oh, and finding her with sticky backed little gems stuck around her nether regions! Oh my…. is she the youngest person to have vajazzled???

I always smile and laugh nervously when she gets a present and throws it to the floor declaring, “I don’t like that neither”!

When I tell her a certain friend is coming over to visit, she pipes up, “I don’t like them”! SIGH

…….. and maybe one day when I ask her to come and get dressed, instead of telling me that she is too busy and only has  one pair of hands, she actually will ….. ( I’m sure I don’t know where she got that from)

Allan found her whining one day about something or other and once he had calmed her down, he asked if she was happy now. She replied, “Look at my face daddy, does it look happy”!? I’m sure Allan was expecting a follow on comment like, “Well do ya punk”?

Ah the joys…. Love you Lily Pie xx

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