Beast, bring my daughter back this minute!

A beast has come in to our home, stolen our beautiful little girl, and placed itself, with it’s hairy gnarly feet, firmly under our table, in her bed, wearing her clothes and eating our food!
Of course I jest. Lily is still here, and charming us with her humour and beautiful smile. Unfortunately, we are having increasingly more difficult times with her. We, no doubt will look back (not in the too far distant future please!) and laugh about all of this. Alas for now, it’s something that we need to tackle and hopefully nip in the bud before it escalates.
I expect I haven’t to look to far from my own camp to help to explain the increase of bad behaviour. I have appeased and cajoled her, to prevent bad behaviour rearing it’s ugly head! I find it difficult having to cope with stamping feet, tantrums and screaming. I get all sweaty, my heart beats fast and I feel an inner rage descending! I don’t want to be that mother who yells all the time, threatens and maybe eventually raises a hand to her child. I want a child who is obedient and willing to please her mummy at every turn. Hmmmmm….. time for my wake up call. I have indeed a child who does not want to listen to her parents, no, non, nein, nie!!!! In whatever language you choose to express it, Lily does it so well in her native Toddler Speak.
We had a lovely morning yesterday, having driven to the Downs, had a walk and ate and drank in the lovely cafe, looked at the bits and bobs for sale in the shop, then ended with another small walk back to the car. “Did you have a lovely time Lily”? “No, I didn’t. I’m upset because I didn’t have a nice time”! Well that is unfortunate my darling. And so it continues along this same vein. Offers of juice, snacks and walks to the park, rides in the car, visits from or to friends, are all met with a no I don’t want to, then screams of Yes I do want to all in a matter of seconds. You really cannot win, at all, on any level when dealing with her swinging moods! They are truly of a monumental scale, I kid you not.
Last night after chatting to Allan, it was decided by myself (brave I am!), that I need to step up and be the parent that Lily needs, and not the patsy that I so obviously am.
Leaping forward to this morning (I won’t go on about the lack of sleep last night caused by a venting child!), I have dealt (not as adultly as I should have, but I need to learn to), with the most momentous of tantrums I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. I half expected a forked tongue to whip out of her mouth, her head to rotate with speed upon her shoulders, and a cloven hoof to sprout forth from her pretty Charlie and Lola socks! I gave her fair warning of the penalty for her bad behaviour, but I guess when you haven’t followed through with previous threats of the naughty step, then it should not be surprising when she scoffs at my threats. I did carry out my threats, and we have had a very emotional morning, with us both in tears. Me begging for a cuddle and Lily pushing me away… “Go away, I not cuddle you”!! Ouch, the pain of rejection burns so badly. I must remember not to take that angle again. What was I thinking, or not, as it now appears?! I don’t doubt that we are in for some tough times ahead whilst we endeavour to out the monster within, without flattening her spirit completely. I like her spirit as she has so much humour attached to it, and all I want is to have my little girl back from the clutches of this unwanted visitor!
For now, there is peace in the Kane house, as she is sleeping off the tantrums (probably just recharging her batteries… (I must buy Lidl’s own and lay off the Duracell, as they don’t last for as long!)
May the force be with me……….

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