Getting Naked!

I think I have given birth to a naturist! Getting naked is the order of the day, every day. Lily makes the most of going for a wee to strip off her cloth shackles, to roam around as naked as the day she was born (well almost. She has not mastered the skill of taking the top half off yet). I wouldn’t mind but, surely other people have the right to not see her bottom or indeed her foo foo! Being able to open the front door has it’s merits as well as perils. I have found her on occasion standing in the doorway baring all, to whoever may be passing by. I console myself with the fact that she does not, as of yet, give passers by the treat she bestows upon us. Her favourite ‘treat’ for mummy and daddy is to hoick up her skirt or dress and point her bottom at us for our (feigned) disgust! Not to mention, the same with her foo foo, usually with knees bent and pointing east and west and hips thrust forward! A truly wonderful sight!! I am considering turning off Cbeebies, if this is the effect it has on her.

This week has seen a marked improvement with the bedtime routine. Lily has gone to bed four nights in a row without any fuss whatsoever. We won’t mention the night time waking ūüė¶

The least said in that department, the soonest mended, as they say.

I bought Lily a little pot of mini daffodils last weekend. We oohed and aahed every day until we saw that they had opened in to beautiful flowers and watered them so they would not die. I thought ¬†that I had myself a budding little horticulturalist .¬†Then as the novelty wore off, she wanted to manhandle them to the point where she was¬†taking the petals and heads off. One day after many scoldings I found her perched on the back of the sofa, petals in her hand, and leaning over the pot. “What are you doing, Lily?”, I asked. “Looking at the flowers”, replied Lily. “Why have you got petals in your hand?”, “I don’t know!”, she said. “Did you pick them off?”. “No, I didn’t!”. Shame on you little lady. A career in politics now I think as opposed to prime time TV with Alan Titchmarsh!

I think the highlight of the week was last Sunday, when I was cooking our roast dinner. Allan was lolling on the sofa, empty beer glass in hand, and requested that Lily ask mummy for a beer from the fridge. Being the dutiful daughter that she is, and not wanting to displease, she came and asked me for one. On giving her the beer to take to daddy, I told her to tell him he was a lazy boy! Off she trotted and eagerly gave daddy the beer, then said to him, “Daddy you’re a ladyboy!” Oh how I howled, and how daddy howled! We must assume, that many a true word is said in jest!¬†

Lily you remain our funny little girl, who is beautiful and so perceptive


One thought on “Getting Naked!

  1. Beada says:

    “Foo foo”? Hmmmm. . . Cousin Morgan will have clue her – and you – in on anatomically correct body part names.

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