I’m so sweet mummy!

We have, like most people across the country, been enjoying some glorious weather of late. Lily has been lathered up until she was white with sun tan lotion and put out to pasture, (so to speak) in our garden with it’s newly laid lawn. She has delighted in running around with daddy playing football, digging up the borders, and running in and out of the water that gushes out of the hosepipe in two places.
She has chatted with the neighbours who say how amazing her speech is for a 2 year old. Wowing them with her long sentences and knowledge. I just say that she is a sponge who soaks everything up, and while I am a little more intelligent (this has been disputed) at this stage of her life, I will continue to feed her hunger to learn. She was telling one neighbour yesterday where eggs come from, what meat comes from what type of animal and where milk comes from too. I know eventually daddy will have to take over, and bask in the glory of broadening her knowledge and skills, as academically I fail miserably, which I’m sure Lily already knows.
In her bid to get what she wants, usually snacks of any sort, she bats her eyelashes and tells me how sweet she is, and that because of this sweetness, she NEEDS to have grapes, raisins, biscuits, juice etc…flutter, flutter! Oh go on then, what do you want sweet pea? “Crumples mummy”! (crumpets).
Along with the wonderful weather we have been having lately, comes the usual beasties and bugs, which she calls creatures, collectively. I have not been responsible for categorising the insect world for her, so I assume it is something she has picked up from the TV. We have discussed what some insects do and their benefit to us. She has a dislike for flies because they are dirty and sit on her food and bees sting if you pester them. Daddy went one further and tried to tell her the difference between bees and wasps, but as she continues to call wasps, ‘waps’, I think we will for now keep it to bees only! I’m not sure how living in a very multi cultural area, and Lily shouting out, “I don’t like waps”, at the top of her voice, will be viewed! Laughs nervously…. wasps she means hahahaha!!
I think Lily has sussed that I’m getting on a bit now, and in a bid to run me ragged she has devised a plan. “Mummy, I will run down the street”, “No Lily, stay in the garden, mummy doesn’t want to run after you”, I said. “It will be funny mummy”. “Why will it be funny”?, “Because you will run down the street after me”! Yes I can see it all now, Lily sprinting, me hobbling and wobbling after her, and the neighbours pointing and guffawing in delight. No thank you lady! I still have some dignity.
Sitting on the potty yesterday, Lily tried to get daddy’s attention (he was wearing headphones). Finally he took them off and said, “Yes Lily, what is it”? “Are you sick of me daddy”? A round of laughter followed before he answered, “No, darling, I love you. Why do you ask”? “Because you are wearing your headphones”! I do have to add here that sometimes (well more than sometimes), when I’m at the end of my tether with her, I do say to her, that I am sick of telling her off, or that I’m sick of her being naughty. I do not, however, put on the headphones to drown out her rantings and tantrums, but hey, thanks for the helpful tip Lily.
Lily already knows the complexities of the housewife’s job, and felt the need to try out daddy’s easy peasy job this morning. Donning daddy’s shoes and a sticker from her book, stuck to her chest (replicating daddy’s work pass), she announced she was going to work like daddy. “Okay”, I said, “And what does daddy do”? “Presses buttons with letters on”. Sounds easy enough I thought. “Okay, have a lovely day darling”, I said. “No, I don’t want to go now”, said Lily. “What would daddy do if he didn’t go to work then, Lily”? I asked, (knowing full well what her answer was going to be). “Drink beer mummy”! I think she has daddy well and truly figured out.

2 thoughts on “I’m so sweet mummy!

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’ll say it again, you need to dreamup a childrens book, you have the ability and you capture people with your stories ofLily. DO IT!

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