No ice cream? I’m not getting out of the car then!

Jim (affectionately known as Jimmy, was bought by, and named after Granddad) has had some hairy moments recently regarding his health! He has been so poorly lately that I have been tempted to take out insurance on the poor wee fella! Jim is her dalmation cuddly dog and is loved by Lily very much. She takes him almost everywhere, to the shops, to play in the garden and is the first one to get in to bed at night. Recently Lily had concerns over Jimmy’s health and came to me to say that he needed to go to the doctor, nay the hospital!! Fearing the end of his short but wonderful life, I asked tentatively what was wrong with Jimmy. Lily replied, “He has a sore tummy”. “Oh poor Jimmy”, I exclaimed, was there anything else wrong with him? “Yes”, replied Lily, “He has spots”! Now, I’m almost certain this comical genius moment was unintentional, but it certainly made me laugh out loud….spots indeed! I can say that despite his spots and sore tummy, he has made a full recovery (well he still has spots), and I am still waiting for his medical insurance to come through any day now!
I’m not sure how many other toddlers (I know of only one) that growls when they are cross or frustrated. Lily has taken to growling daily when she is refused anything or gets herself upset over something that she is doing unsuccessfully. This is followed very swiftly by throwing, stamping, shouting, more growling and screaming… and more growling. She would do well when seeing off unwanted visitors at the door!
We had another lovely walk out the other day to Sundon Hills, to take in the beauty from up high and try to catch the sheep and their lambs! It was touch and go initially, as to whether we would even get from the car park. When we pulled up, Lily sat up straight in her seat, had a look through each window, exclaimed that there were no shops, no ice cream man and vowed to stay in the car until we produced an ice cream! Erm…. sorry, no can do little lady. We eventually freed her stiffened body from her car seat, and plonked her on the ground. She had a minor stomp then spotted the sheep, at which point all mention of an ice cream was forgotten! Sigh.
As all Daddies will know, their very important ‘jewels’ are indeed very precious and delicately put together, and having your wonderful child bounce and jump all over them can produce some pain, discomfort and contortion of the face! As Lily’s Daddy is no exception to the rule, he has succumbed to this torture many times. On occasion he has been known to exclaim, “Ooh my nuts, my nuts, be careful of my nuts”! Now as a female I do not appreciate the pain of having your wedding tackle abused in such a manner, but Lily fully appreciates that it causes pain and discomfort. Recently she took a run at her Daddy as he sat restfully on his chair, and declared with excitement, “I’m going to jump on your nuts Daddy”! Oh, my goodness. Daddy curled up to defend his jewels, I howled with laughter and Lily just continued to try to climb on to his lap to finish what she intended. Cue more growling from Lily as she desperately tried to squeeze through Daddy’s foetal position.
Lily loves a treat from time to time, and particularly enjoys a small cup of tea with a biscuit. We normally have chocolate digestives (aka Daddy’s biscuits) and currant ones. Up until recently she has been quite happy with my choice of biscuit, usually the currant ones as they are less messy, and on occasion I’ll give her half of a chocolate digestive. Recently however, she has sussed out that if I choose the biscuit she gets less chocolate. “Mummy, I can choose my own biscuits now”! Hmmm… We also buy a breakfast cereal which is favoured by Daddy, which has pecan nuts (let’s not mention nuts too often!) and maple syrup flavour, which Lily loves, especially without milk as a snack. She affectionately calls this nutty breakfast, ‘naughty breakfast’. Another food combo she has asked to try, but not yet tasted is pasta and Cheerios, and particularly likes a Friday egg!. I’m thinking Heston Blumenthal will need a little apprentice soon.
My toenails needed cutting the other day, and Lily wanted to have a try. Against my better judgement (proven to be correct very quickly) I allowed Lily to ‘try’ to cut my nail. What harm could she do? Clip, yank, growl, yank and more yanking. It swiftly had me reaching for the clippers exclaiming, “Mummy will do it, you’re not very good at it yet”! To which Lily replied, “I just need more practise Mummy”! Not on my tootsies you don’t, my lovely.
I asked Lily recently what she thought Mummies and Daddies do, half expecting her to rattle off a long list of wonderful things that she appreciated. Instead she said, “Cuddle and kiss each other” How sweet that she noticed, I thought. It wasn’t all that she noticed. She immediately pulled down my top, kissed my boob, and said, “Daddy kisses Mummy like this”! I wonder if a 2 year old recognises embarrassment?
Repeating what parents say is part of being a child, but sometimes the parent needs to be careful what is said (and does it seems). I have a tendency to mutter, “God damn it”! from time to time in frustration, and have heard Lily exclaim the same….Oopsie. Parent fail. I guess it could be worse.
Daddy was off to work the other morning, and because Lily was refused her arts and crafts until she had had breakfast and got dressed, didn’t want to say goodbye to him. “Ok”, Daddy said, “I’ll see you tonight. I love you”. Lily turned to him and said, “Ok, Daddy, thanks for coming”!
Lily, I remain you ever obedient servant. I love you x

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