I want my money back!

Finally we have taken the dreaded night time sleep poster with stickers from Lily’s bedroom wall. It has been the bane of my life for the last three and a half months. No end of cajoling and promises of reward were enough for her take it seriously. There were 26 places for her to put her star stickers, each representing one full nights sleep. The 26 days were deemed plenty for her to ‘get it’, as it had done wonders with her toilet training, but no. It failed to encourage her to stay in bed for that wonderful gift we were bigging up every day. She did manage the odd night and eventually did get a reward, usually a book or something of her choosing. She never asked for much, probably because she never expected much from the ridiculous scheme in the first place! When she had the toilet training poster it was brilliant. She relished every sticker she earned, protecting them earnestly, and re-sticking one if ever it came loose. The sleep poster did not even warrant a second look. If she slept through the night, while we whooped and woo hooed in her triumph, she barely raised a smile. She did not even remember to ask for a sticker if we forgot. We still have reminders of the poster on every carpet upstairs though. She picked at the sticky tack that held it to the wall and it has been trodden in, in every room! I have yet to Google, ‘How to remove white/blue tack from your carpets’. We nearly had the same with some chewing gum she found the other day. From across the room I could hear her exclaiming at how stretchy something was. Intrigued to see what she had, I walked over to her, asking what she had. She had her dolly’s pram upside down and from between the double wheels was pulling something away from it, stretching about two feet across the room. I very quickly realised it was chewing gum, as goodness knows where it would have ended up. I cleaned Lily and the pram whilst telling her how yucky it was to throw gum in to the street and how dirty people who did it were. I failed to tell her that as a child I went one better than just picking it from the wheels of my pram. I sought out the gum that dirty yucky people spat out in the street, picked it carefully from the pavement and chewed on it, savouring what was left of the minty taste! freshly spat out was the best, as it didn’t need as much chewing to get it going! Even when it was all gritty and obviously dirty, I was undeterred. This story will out itself once Lily reads this blog, and she will see for herself how disgusting mummy really was.

Baking and cooking is enjoyed in our house for many reasons….. mainly the eating, and Lily really likes to get her hands in to anything to help us out. Recently she helped daddy to make meatballs for dinner one night. Previously we had made blueberry cakes, of which Lily had managed to eat more than she should have been allowed. As she helped to mix and shape the meatballs she kept asking for another cake, for which she was told no. very promptly after asking daddy several times and getting no joy at all, she turned to me and asked again. Allan reminded her that she had already been told no, to which she replied, “I’m not asking you daddy, be quiet, I’m asking mummy”! There are moments when you have to turn away, bite your lip and smile. This was one of them. As I said previously we had made the blueberry cakes, which did not go without some near misses in the making. I usually sit Lily on the worktop when she helps with cooking and baking. In view, and very much within arms length are other culinary ingredients which have no place in blueberry cakes, like garlic cloves for instance. Maybe pennies on the windowsill and usually my rings if I’m expecting to get my hands in a mess. Do not turn your back on your toddler if you do not want any of the said items in your mixture! You’ll be fishing around for ages retrieving them, and hoping that you have managed to get ‘everything’ out that is not supposed to be in there, especially as most of the cakes we made went around to the neighbours! Also another tip when letting your toddler help you mix cake batter, is to not make the mix too ‘loose’. It goes everywhere, like a batter massacre in your kitchen, and if following a particular recipe from you laptop, keep it at a safe distance, as trying to clean cake mix from between your keys is not easy!

Our local shop is very conveniently situated at the end of our very short road, and stocks copious amounts of single Penguin biscuits. Lily loves them, and I’m sure they place them seductively at her level so we cannot refuse her when she begs for one. So as per our usual visit, Lily takes her own pennies to the value of 50p clutched tightly in her hand or zipped up in her purse. She purchases her biscuit, says thank you to the owner and off we trot home. After greedily devouring the biscuit, and with a mouthful still melting and oozing from the corners of her mouth, she splutters, “I want my money back”! I tried to explain the purchasing contract she had just entered in to, plus the fact that she had actually eaten the biscuit. She was adamant that she wanted her pennies back so she could go and buy another one. Once she had finally stopped howling, and still oozing a chocolate river from the corners of her mouth, she was consoled. I’m sure we will go through the same process after our next visit to the corner shop.

Having had more wonderfully sunny days to play out in, Lily and Allan were out in the front garden blowing bubbles, while I sat on the wall and watched her try to jump up and pop them. She has the jumping thing weighed off brilliantly now by the way. No longer does she leap with great gusto, only to leave her toes still fixed to the ground. Now she manages to take off completely. The first few times I think she was taken by surprise, as she wobbled and staggered backwards trying to regain her balance. So once she had had enough of leaping and popping she made for the door. She turned to look at her daddy then said, “Come on in cowboy”! I very nearly had one of my near miss nana moments. I was telling this story to a neighbour, who looked at me suspiciously…. honest guv, she did not, no way hear these word come from my mouth!! The actual words are indeed not funny in themselves. But coming from your 2 year plus 4 month old child?

I love this girl.

Especially when she wraps her arms around me and tells me she loves me very much, asks me if I am all right, tells me that I am beautiful (they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder!) and wants to know several times a day if I am happy. 

I forgive you when you bash me, keep me awake half the night and tell me that you don’t like me in a fit of rage.

You are my beautiful snotty, chocolately lump!

I Love you

mummy x

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