You’ve got hairs….. just like daddy!

“I’m sick of you mummy”
“Why Lily, what have I done”? I said, raising my head up from what I was reading. I have not committed anything untoward as far as I know.
“I’m angry with you”, she continued.
“Why are you angry with me”? I still have yet to raise my head and take her seriously.
“Because YOU didn’t stay in bed all night”!
Are you having a chuffing laugh kiddo (I never said that out loud, okay?)
Actually the reason I didn’t stay in bed last night was not because I have a fantastic social life, that sees me out until the wee small hours. No, the reason I was up all night was because of YOU!!! Wailing, howling, begging for kisses and one last cuddle to settle you back to sleep. The one last kiss and cuddle routine has become so tedious, as it’s just a ruse to keep me in the room (ha you thought I was a mug didn’t you Lily? I know your game!). I admit to kneeling naked on the floor, draped over the foot of her bed with my head on a cushion, willing her to sleep, so I could go back to bed. Over an hour later, knees red and indented by the harsh carpet, I crept along the landing as best I could, given that every floorboard groans and creaks with each step! I lay down, comforted by my cold but soft pillow, and managed to lay there wearily for ten minutes, then she woke. It was 4am now, and I thought what the hell, I’m going down for a cuppa. I took Lily with me who dared to yawn and exclaim how tired she was for all of the half hour she managed to stay awake for. She finally fell asleep on the sofa. Which is where I left her for the comfort of my own bed.
I kept you awake all night? No wonder she doesn’t sleep. She’s wracked with guilt from all the porkies she tells!
I had the last laugh though. I ate her Freddo Frog…. it tasted so damned good too.
I have mentioned the Yab Yabs before (Lily’s imaginary monsters). I sometimes get sorely tempted to tell her that they will come and get her if she gets out of bed again! (Of course I won’t but ……)

Kitty was adorned with jewels this week. He looked like a hippy cat. A string of black beads draped around his neck, a bracelet around his tail and colourful beads around the top of his head. He looked beautiful, his face said, “Sod off”! I don’t know where he gets his patience from. Lily was overjoyed by her Gok Wan style makeover, and giddily announced, “Kitty, you look like a ballerina”!. If you know our cat, ballerina would not be your first choice of words to describe him. He’s chunky!
She obviously has a lot of time and love for Kitty, as he gets lots of attention, albeit unwanted, but she loves him. She’s the same with us. Lots of cuddles and kisses, usually snotty ones, but as a parent you learn to accept these in the manner they are given! Lily loves to brush your hair, pretend to put make up on you and sit on your knee stroking your face and telling you how much she loves you. During one particular romantic interlude between us. Me enjoying Lily stroking my face, telling me how beautiful I was (honestly, my heart melted), she cupped my face in her hands and said, “Mummy, you have hairs on your face”. “What”! I said, beginning to wonder what was coming next (and there usually is something). “Mummy, you have hairs on your face, just like daddy”! She was very nearly catapulted from my lap as I jumped up to see what on earth had sprouted on my chin(s) since the morning! I was trying to catch the light in the big mirror over the fireplace, desperately seeking out the ‘growth’. Panic over. I’m not sure what Lily had seen. Perhaps she has inherited our sick sense of humour. Maybe it was just the faint light ones we all have that she was referring to… I’m not admitting to any more than that!

We went to Wiltshire this week as Allan had an interview in Bristol (he was made redundant for those that don’t know). We stayed with my sister Lindsey and her hubby Graham. When it was time to go Lily was given a sock bunny to take home (it was given the name Izzy). Clearly chuffed to bits with it, she clutched Izzy for ages before dumping her on the floor of the car. To keep Lily amused (and obviously myself it turned out), I became Izzy. I made up a voice and was very much in to it. For over an hour Lily and Izzy chatted. Lily threw raisins on to the floor for her to eat because she got hungry. “Catch, Izzy”, she shouted. “Thank you Lily”, replied Izzy. I got so engrossed that I was in danger of morphing in to Izzy. Whenever I couldn’t understand Lily, I asked her to repeat it, in my mummy voice, to which she said, “I’m not talking to you mum, I talking to Izzy”!. Allan laughed along with us for about 10 miles…then said miserably, “I lost interest about 60 miles ago Jo”!
P.S He got the job.

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