Liebster Blog Award


Would you Adam & Eve it! I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award twice!! Two lovely mummy bloggers – Liz over at everythingisrosy and Lynne over at sentwivlove have kindly put me forward.

This is how it works

The Liebster Blog Award which is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, in order to give them a wee boost to gain followers and confidence.

To accept the award, you must complete the following:

  •   Link back to the persons blog that have nominated you
  •   Nominate 5-11 blogs that have have less than 200 followers
  •   Answer all questions posted by the nominator
  •   Share 11 random facts about myself
  •   Create 11 questions for my nominees
  •   Contact my nominees and let them know that I have nominated them
As I have had two nominations, it means I have two lots of questions to answer, of which I’m going to tackle in this one post! So it might be a long one folks!!
Questions from Liz
1. When did you start blogging?
    I only started to blog back in March this year.
2. What made you start blogging?
    Well, my only reason was, so that my daughter Lily has her informative years in print. I have an awful memory, and definitely won’t remember any of it!
3. If you could have one special power what would it be?
    Hmmm, tricky one. I think maybe it would be to be able to transport myself back to when I was small, to see how I was as a child.
4. Would you rather have a giraffes neck or a tiger paws? (and why?)
    Blimey what a question! I would have to say, a giraffes neck, because I’m kinda nosey, and that would help me see better down the street!
5. Who is (or has been) your embarrassing celeb crush? We’ve all had them!
     Oh dear this is going to kill me! It has to be Des O’Connor (yes really, and no comments saying you’ve never heard of him!) I remember gazing lovingly at him through the TV screen, and wanting to marry him! I think I was around 10.
6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
    I wanted to look after children. I was so focused on that too. I used to babysit all the time and did a very short stint as a nanny in London (another story).
7. What is your most embarrassing habit?
    I bite and pick the skin from around my nails. Disgusting I know but it’s an anxiety thing!
8. Which do you fancy right now. Sweet or savoury?
    No contest…. sweet.
9. What is your favourite ever thing to do?
    To sit and pig out on Cadbury’s chocolate!
10. What is your biggest fear?
      Easy this one. It’s dying. Don’t want to elaborate, it scares me.
11. Who or what inspires you?
       Everyone one who I know inspires me to a degree.
Questions from Lynne
1. What is your Twitter ID (might as well get more followers for your Twitter 
    account as well)?
2. How long have you been blogging?
    Only since March of this year.
3. How often do you blog?
    Usually once a week or so, unless I have got enough damning material to blog about Lily!
4. What inspired you to start a blog?
    Having Lily at 47. It made me realise that I was fast approaching my dotage, and wanted to write it all down before I forget or die!
5. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
    Inside Lily’s mind… what an adventure!
6. If you could change anything, what would you change?
    Easy one this. It would be world poverty.
7. What is your desert island necessity?
    No thinking required here. Cadbury’s chocolate! I can live without human interaction.
8. What is your favourite childhood memory?
    As my memory is appalling, I might have to make something up 😉 I would have to say living on the coast as a child, and having the sea as our back garden.
9. Where do you want to be in 5 years time?
    Definitely back in the workforce. Hopefully by the time 5 years has gone by from now, I will be back in the land of the employed!
10. What is your pet hate?
11. What is your favourite season?
      Autumn. I love the colours of autumn and the coolness after summer. Blimey some of those questions took some thinking to find answers to. Thanks ladies for those.
Now for 11 random facts about moi
I hate daddylonglegs and moths ( complete irrational fear)
I love chocolate (as if I haven’t hinted enough)
I love to bake (I have made some quite surprisingly good cakes)
I’m a size 18 and dream about being a size 14 again (I must get motivated)
I have a 28 year gap between my first child and my third (and last… )
I now love to blog and read blogs 😉
I love dogs especially Yorkies (my last little dog died nearly 3 years ago)
I have mad bag lady hair if I don’t straighten it
I can curl my tongue
I inadvertently teach my toddler to swear (I’ve just called next doors kitten a bloody pest, as he’s in our house, ripping up the furniture!)
I watch CBeebies when no one else is!
Nearly there folks, bear with me!
The choice of blogs for my nomination are as follows…drum roll please!
To all that I have nominated here are your 11 questions
1. What does your family think about your blogging?
2. What five famous people would you invite to dinner?
3. You have a day off without the kids, what would you do?
4. What was your favourite toy as a child?
5. What is your favourite meal?
6. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
7. What is the best thing about you?
8. Can you remember your first  school crush? What can you remember of them?
9. Facebook or Twitter? Share your link.
10. Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?
11. If you ever had a movie made about you. What actor would play ‘you’?
There I did it. Thanks again to Liz and Lynne

16 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Thanks Lynne.
    I was sitting here on and off for hours doing it! Plus it’s really difficult coming up with the questions (I cheated and Googled to get some help!).
    It was fun though x

  2. lastmum says:

    Thanks so much for nominating me! I’ve only just seen this because the comment you sent to me got stuck into the spam section. I’ll make my own post this weekend 🙂

    • Hi
      Loved what you both wrote for answers, particularly the Findus pancake meals (took me back) and the dog poo comment! I can imagine Ronnie Corbett sitting at the head of your little kitchen table dangling his legs 😉 x

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