Toddler Tourette’s!

Molluscum contagiosum (warts), eczema, enlarged angry looking tonsils and an umbilical hernia. You would be wrong in thinking that I’m researching for my medical degree (who would need a medical degree any way, what with having Google at your fingertips!?). No, all of the aforementioned are indeed Lily’s little catalogue of issues that plague her at the moment. We took her to the docs this week, just for a check over. I was not concerned at all by any of the above list, apart from the eczema which during the summer months, usually flares up.  I wanted to try to keep it natural in my attempt to control it, by bathing her in a lovely oaty bath, made purely from good old Tesco Value porridge oats. I blended them to a very fine grain then just added them to her bath. She wasn’t very impressed by the scummy film that developed on top of the water. Choosing to complain and empty the water within five minutes, declaring how yucky the water was! So, instead we ended up with hydrocortisone cream and our favourite Aveeno cream and bath oil. Lily likes the fact that she has the cream and not sat in her “Ready Brek bath”, (as she put it). I had hoped that the doc would agree with my reckoning that her huge gnarly tonsils were the reason for her waking several times a night. Instead she just gave me that, ‘stop looking on the internet and diagnosing DIY fashion’ look, and said she probably has just got into the habit! Pftt. She does get food stuck in them too, I’m sure, and unattractively clears her throat like she’s just about to spit up something nasty!The warts, well on diagnosing that myself too, she did agree that they will go on their own, usually within a couple of years. Treatment would only lead to scarring, so we won’t be doing that. I have to confess, in the early days of them coming, and not knowing what they were, I did pick one and it has left a crater on her tummy! The hernia, apart from looking like something is about to explode out from her tummy, isn’t anything to deal with just yet. I did phone the ‘knackers yard’ but they are not interested in taking her!

Lily had a night where she was a little poorly, which we initially missed as she’s never ill. We treated her as if she were being her usual night time self and ignored her pleas to come downstairs and kept threatening her with putting the stair gate on! I know, I know… but it’s all well and good with hindsight isn’t it? It turned out she had an earache (she could have said earlier. I’m not a mind reader!). On establishing the earache we did bring her down stairs and gave her some medicine. Daddy was cuddling her (now who feels guilty for threatening the gate?) and then she wanted to cuddle me. Ha, see, she knows who the meanie is! Smugly embracing my poorly little girl and smirking at Allan, I missed the tell tale signs of imminent vomiting. Allan is smugly looking at me now while I try to catch as much as I can to prevent it going everywhere. Luckily having an ample bust, and equally ample bra to house it in, I managed to contain every morsel. Go me!! 

Lily’s stuttering has become a little worse of late. Instead of just the first word of her sentence being affected, it is affecting other words in her speech too. As she struggles to get her words out, and clearly getting frustrated with herself, she has taken to saying the word over and over, but trying to vocalise it louder and louder. Eventually she shouts out the word at the top of her voice in an attempt just to get it out. This happens quite frequently at the moment and we have jokingly said that she has Toddler Tourette’s! Hmmm…. I wonder what the doc will make of this one, once I’ve Googled it? 

The last words go to Lily.

Allan had cleared up Lily’s yoghurt spill in the street recently. While he was still out there Lily came in to tell me what had happened. She told me daddy had said, ” For crying out loud”, when he had seen the mess. After relaying all of the details to me, she turned, sighed and muttered,” Gordon *Miles”! (she meant *Bennett, my favourite saying when I’m exasperated). 

Keep making me laugh Lily. 


2 thoughts on “Toddler Tourette’s!

  1. muminahurry says:

    Just checking out your blog as you’ve commented on so many of mine. Wow. Have to say, I love your theme. Its GORGEOUS!!! I’m now even MORE unhappy with my WordPress mishaps!

    • I changed the theme a few weeks ago, and feel the one I have is ok for us. WordPress is a minefield though isn’t it?
      I spend hours trying to mess with it. I want to change the url name from my name to My Toddler Rules, but scared in case I lose followers in the process!! I’m too new at all of this x

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