“Mummy there’s a man on the phone”

It is often repeated in this house that certain items are out of bounds for little hands. Of course you would be right in thinking that the look that says “Up yours”, is often the the response to any admonishment. “Why are you touching that? Mummy said don’t touch it, didn’t she”? Lily’s usual remark which comes as an accompaniment to the “up yours” look, is something not dissimilar to, “But I want to. I say yes”! Along with several other already tried and tested responses. Maybe this is the reason she doesn’t sleep at night. Perhaps she is far to engrossed in playing back her witty comebacks. Chortling to herself and having an imaginary high five for an idea well thought out.

I was busy upstairs and heard Lily shouting for me from downstairs. I asked her what it was that she wanted, and she told me, “There’s a man talking on daddy’s phone”. He works away most of the week, so his phone is not here. “No there isn’t baby”, I called back. “Yes there is mummy. A man is talking on daddy’s phone”. I asked her how she knew there was someone on the phone (I’m still obliviously dusting upstairs). “Because I climbed up to get the phone with my chair”! Ok, now I’m taking her seriously. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I could vaguely make out some noise coming from the phone. Well, she definitely can hear someone. I didn’t hear the phone ring, because it didn’t ring! She rang someone, didn’t she? I picked up the phone, listened for some clue as to who she may have called on redial. something similar to call centre background noise could be heard, and before I could say anything the phone went dead. That’s ok, no problem. I was curious to find out who she had managed to call. Talk Talk? The bank? Barnardo’s? (because that is where the little so and so will be going before long!). No, let’s try the emergency services shall we? 999…. “Lily, you must not use the phone by yourself, ok”? I said. “Why”? she replied. I was lost for words as she doesn’t know of the emergency services, and what they are all about (she knows what a fire engine, police car and an ambulance are, and that they all go nee nah), and I wasn’t going to try to explain it to her, so I just resorted to a standard parental response of….. “Because I said so”!

The look of, “Up yours”, said everything she wanted to convey to me at that very moment!


6 thoughts on ““Mummy there’s a man on the phone”

  1. Oh god, we had the 999 call when Half Pint was younger. And then we had the nice firemen come out to give him a little chat about why you shouldn’t make that sort of call unless it’s a real emergency…

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