Ten things I love about my girl

I thought this was going to be an easy post to write, but after the day we have had, I am finding it quite difficult to think of one thing nice to say about Lily!

It has been an horrendous day, filled with back chat, hitting, boundary pushing, shouting, screaming, whining and downright defiance. In return she has had the naughty step, some empty threats (I know, I know…no wonder she pushes it, knowing it’s going to take several threats before my spine develops), more naughty step and a few shouts and maybe a couple more empty threats. Oh, and yes, I did buy her a treat today from the corner shop, and gave it to her saying, “Are you going to be good for mummy now”? I’m laughing at myself, knowing how ridiculous that really sounds, and did I honestly think THAT would have made any difference at all? Of course not. I was trying to buy her, obviously. She may as well have jumped on me, beat me senseless with her plastic saucepan, gouged out my eyes with her teeny tiny plastic knives and forks and peed on me as a final act of defiance! I still would have given her the damned treat wouldn’t I? 

Anyway here are 10 things I love about Lily

1. She’s bloody gorgeous for starters. (can you tell I’m struggling?)

What with two drop dead gorgeous parents (cough cough) why wouldn’t she be?

2. She has the most loving nature.

She will cup my face in her hands and tell me how beautiful I am. She will tell me several times a day how much she loves me, and defines that by opening out her arms wide, and declaring, “This much mummy”!

3. She is generous.

Lily is not really a selfish toddler (I’ve seen a few) and she will happily, mostly share her treats with us. I have seen her offer her last chocolate button or magic star. it isn’t a regular occurrence but she still does it. Daddy will usually tell her no thank you as he’s not a greedy sort, but I will quite happily take her last chocolate button. Hey, she would do the same to me! 

4. Her smile and laugh

They brighten up her face and they are so infectious, that I have to smile or laugh with her. Unfortunately the smile and or laugh does make an appearance mid naughty mode. At these times I resist the urge to join in, despite her crowing joyfully, “Look mummy I’m laughing (smiling) at you..hahahahaha”. 

5. Her sense of humour

Lily’s sense of humour is brilliant. She actually gets the joke. Not the typical knock knock type , or the actress and the bishop ones. No. She has a wonderfully funny streak, and knows exactly when to throw in something funny to make us laugh. I suppose having a comedian for a mother, and a wannabe comedian for a father, she pretty much has her life sorted for comedic content. 

6. She can sing and play the guitar

She can sing. Okay, maybe not to any tune you could recognise, but there is some melody there. All right, she can’t play the guitar per se, but she can knock out a tune that will give her daddy a run for his money! her voice is like a bird singing (some would say like a bird in the jaws of a cat). I love to listen to her singing, and she doesn’t give a hoot whether it’s in tune or not…. she’s 2! And a 1/2!

7. She can do magic

Oh yes she can! I’ve seen her move her hands around in a magician’s waftyish fashion. It’s spellbinding! Daddy has taught her magic (we all know what daddy magic is, right?). He makes things jump from his hand to instantly reappear from behind Lily’s ear…tah da!!! Amazing. I’ve seen Lily do this. It usually goes a little awry, and instead of magically reappearing from behind someone’s ear, it gets magically thrown behind her! Tah da….!!! Magic. She told Allan the other day that she was going to turn him in to a Jelly Baby. He asked how of course, and she replied, “By magic, daddy” She even wafted her hands in that abracadabra way that magicians have.

8. She knows how to make you feel special.

Lily and I were upstairs in the front bedroom and Allan was standing outside in the garden. Lily got her step from the bathroom to see him from the window. She shouted out (I’ve got to keep a straight face here), “Who’s that beautiful boy down there”? Of course he beamed, smiled the biggest smile he could muster (he had a sneaky look around just in case she had seen her boyfriend from two doors down), then continued with, “Me, I’m beautiful”. Now, I like to think that this was her take on comedy. Subtle, yet bloody hilarious. She even spotted the burger van lady who lives at the end of our road, and shouted down to her, “Who’s that sexy lady down there”? Little smoothie.

9. She loves nature

Okay, she likes digging in the mud! 

She does take an interest in nature to be fair. She will hear an animal noise and ask what it is, she will look to the sky and point out birds, bees and butterflies. She will pick up sticks and leaves and appreciates a pretty flower (before decapitating it). 

10. Her honesty

She tells it as it is. No holds barred. Like it or lump it honesty!

“You’ve got a fat belly mummy”, “I don’t like you any more”, “You’re mouth smells, yuck” (okay it was morning breath, but I know about my halitosis problem). “I don’t love you any more either”. My favourite was recently. As per the usual making of meatballs, it’s a job for Lily and Allan. The making of said meatballs went without a hitch and they were placed on the table with pasta and an abundance of magnificent cheesy topping (I’m bigging them up deliberately here). Lily by now had gone off meatballs. In a space of around 40 minutes the idea of meatballs disgusted her. You should have seen her face, all twisted and contorted in an attempt to show how yuck they really were. “I don’t like meatballs either, they are yuck. I’m not eating them” I tried to reason with her, in the fact that it was partly her idea to make them and basically there was no other option on this menu. On trying them she squirmed uncomfortably, pushing a piece of meatball around her mouth until she could bear it no more. She spat it out and said triumphantly – 


10 things I love about my girl can be whittled down to 1

1. Being Lily






16 thoughts on “Ten things I love about my girl

  1. Oh, what a wonderful post. You can save it and share it with your daughter when she’s older. And I’ve DEFINITELY said the whole “are you going to be nice now that Mommy gave you a cookie?”. Ah, the parenting police would be horrified! 🙂

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