Everyone is afraid of me

Lily loves reading… lots of books! obviously she can’t read yet, being only 2 1/2, but she knows many of her books off by heart.

Quoting from some of her books has become the norm.

Recently Lily was acting up, having a tantrum, throwing a strop, having a wobbly or whatever you want to label the screaming and shouting and violent behaviour as. After giving both Allan and I a clout for our lack of compassion, and failing to jump to whatever command she had been shouting. Like some jumped up sergeant major on parade (no offence to any sergeant majors reading this), Lily was promptly frog marched to the naughty step. She sat for a few moments, weeping (tearlessly I might add) and peering round the stair newel to see if we were crumbling yet. She decided that she needed to pee, so went upstairs, still complaining about the whole injustice of it all, when we heard her say, “Everyone is afraid of me…”! For a moment I was aghast. We had made a monster! Luckily, I very quickly realised she was quoting from The Gruffalo.  It was quite amusing, and Allan and I tittered quietly while she went up to the loo. I’m sure she was very amused with herself. 

She has another book called Little Baa by Kim Lewis, which she loves. In which Little Baa gets separated from his mother. So begins Ma’s journey to find him. Of course she finally does and it’s all wonderful, and Little Baa doesn’t end up on someone’s plate with roasties and Yorkshire puds! Lily uses a line from this book so sweetly, that the first time she said it I was almost moved to shed a tear. She will often ask what your favourite thing is, to which I  usually reply, “You are Lily. I love you”. Now when she asks, she will say, “Mummy, what is your favourite thing in the whole wide new Spring world”!! Of course the answer is nearly almost the same, unless she’s just clouted me and then I will say chocolate.

6 thoughts on “Everyone is afraid of me

  1. The Gruffalo is a GOOD one! And the 2 year old I play with does the EXACT same thing. People who don’t know her (and her reading habits) probably think she is the wittiest 2 year old on earth!

    • It amazes me how so much information gets soaked up by such a tiny person! Her vocabulary is so good and I put it down to all the reading we do.
      As you say, people who don’t know them think they are the wittiest!
      Thanks for reading x

  2. A beautiful post! It goes to show how important reading to our children is too!

    My daughter doesn’t like the Gruffalo any more ever since I started reading it to her ‘with voices’ 😦 It’s a shame as I think it’s a wonderful story (and the Gruffalo’s Child).

    • I haven’t read the Gruffalo’s Child yet. I love to do the ‘voices’ too, but it doesn’t have the same impact as a man’s voice. I used to read Jolly Roger and the Pirates of Captain Abdul, to my older children…now there’s one for voices! It will put your accent attempts to the test. Lily likes it because of the attempt I make, but really the story is a little too old for her.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Tana Bevan says:

    Having a child cuddle in your lap next to you, or beside you, as you read is one of the Magic Moments of parenthood!

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