Good morning Lily. I love you. Do you love me?

The more Lily’s speech develops the more fun our interactions are with her. We have had some very funny moments with her of late. 

A conversation with daddy went like this: 

Daddy. “Good morning Lily. I love you. Do you love me”?

Lily. “Nope”

Daddy. “But, I love you”

Lily. “But, I don’t love you daddy”

A few seconds pause…..

Lily. “Are we going to the park today daddy”?

Daddy. “Um, no, not today, it’s raining”

Lily. “But you said we were going to the park”

Daddy. “Well, you don’t love me, so you wouldn’t want to come to the park with me, would you”?

Lily.”WHAT? you’re kiddin'”?

Daddy. “No, I’m not kidding”

Lily. “Daddy, I love you”

Daddy. “Why do you love me now Lily”?

Lily. “Because I want to go to the park”


Lily was sitting on the loo and asked. “Mummy, what day is it today”? “It’s Wednesday, Lily”, I replied. “Mummy, I don’t poop on a Wednesday. I only poop on a Friday”! “But Lily, you have just pooped, and it is Wednesday”. To which she sighed deeply and loudly, for maximum effect, then said. “Oh mummy”! Jeez, sorry kiddo. I guess I take it’s my fault then.

Lily and her friend H were in playing with her kitchen, nudging each other for space to ‘work’. H apparently nudged a bit too aggressively for Lily’s liking, and she demanded, “H, you poked me with your elbow. Say sorry”. Promptly, and very gentlemanly H made his apology, but Lily wasn’t sure he meant it sincerely enough and barked. “Say sorry properly H”! Poor kid. Honestly, what did she want from the poor boy? I did intervene, and suggested that H had really meant his mumbled apology, and now would she please play nicely. I was met with something muttered under her breath, but I did not care for her to repeat it, as it would have, more than likely meant a spell on the naughty step. 

I asked Lily one day what she would like for lunch, and she asked for soup. Luckily I had made a pot of soup the previous day, and there was some left. As I was busy heating it up, and making toast to go with it, Lily said. “Mummy, please make me two slices of toast, so I can make a soup sandwich”!

Coming right up my lovely!


19 thoughts on “Good morning Lily. I love you. Do you love me?

  1. I love this post, so funny! T is the same. Her conversations especially with her Dad are so hilarious. I wish though I could remember every single one of them.

  2. Toddlers are a breed unto themselves. They are incredibly entertaining and you gotta love ’em, but can they ever drive you batty!
    When mine was a toddler I recorded some of our conversations, along with a number of her stories. My darlin’ enjoyed hearing her stories and conversations when played back.

    • When Lily is naughty we use sitting on the bottom step of the stairs as punishment. It’s a time to reflect on her behaviour. This is called the naughty step! Hence my comment of “A spell on the naughty step”! It works for us as she really does not like sitting there.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

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