Sleep, shut eye, doze or having a kip. Whatever you call it, I want it please!

I periodically mention, in passing…nay, moan relentlessly, about Lily’s dreadful sleep pattern.  If we could unjumble the erratic night time waking, and call it a pattern, then a pattern it is.

Last night is just one example of the whole debacle.

Unfortunately, sometimes Lily falling asleep during the day, still happens. There isn’t much you can do, if say, you are the only one in the car with her, to prevent her from dropping off. Usually, if there is a chance of her falling asleep and I’m in the car too, then at least I can give some encouragement for her to stay with us! So, yesterday, she slept in the car. Allan removed her little carcass from her car seat, and in some attempt to waken her, stood her against the settee, where she promptly folded in half, and slept there instead, half standing and half prostrate across the settee. I tried to rouse her with offers of all things tasty, but she sleepily nodded and continued to sleep. She was put on our bed where she slept soundly for two hours. It was around 5pm when she was unceremoniously poked and prodded to get up.

So, there we have it. Lily was awake, full of beans and definitely not ready for bed by her usual 7pm curfew. We managed to get her down by 9.30pm. You wouldn’t be wrong, if now you are thinking that she should sleep well in to the following morning, but alas this was not to be.

I could swear blind that she lays there waiting for me to nod off, so she can get me back for all the times I wake her before she’s ready to. I was just in that state of sleep where drool gently runs from the corner of your mouth, to fall in a huge wet patch beneath your cheek, when she first woke. From that time (around midnight) I saw every hour through the night with her. Just enough time had passed for me to drop off, when she came through, complaining of noises, yab yabs, a fly in her room, needing to wee, wanting a drink! I was exhausted, as was she to be fair, but she resisted the need to sleep. I know she will relish those precious hours in years to come, but why can’t she bask in glorious sleep now? Of course I lost patience, I’m only human. I tried sleeping with her in the spare room, but she heard things and clung to me for dear life, making us both sweaty, and me irate. I took her downstairs and gave her grapes and apple juice. She still clung to me, hearing noises, talking about yab yabs and wanting to watch DVD’s! She curled up on the settee and was dropping off, so I took her to bed, only to go through it all again the following hour. Allan tried to save me at some point during the early hours, having heard me sleepily grunt at her to go back to bed, but she wailed for me to do something or other (it’s all a blur). He sternly told her to go back to bed, which she promptly did but wailed all the more from her room. I’m no good at ignoring this form of parent torture, so ended up going downstairs with her again, but briefly, as she was falling asleep on the settee. She said to me as we were going upstairs, “Go back down mummy, and you can wait there while I sleep in my bed”! Yeah right kiddo. I’m a mug, I admit to that, but cut me some slack here ok.

I envy  parents who have children who sleep all night. I’m certain it’s a combination of her and me who keeps this nightly hellish ritual ongoing. I’d love to break it, but don’t know where to start. I’m good at making all the right noises, but when it comes to actively doing something to insist she remains in bed, I’m useless! I know my failings. I don’t need reminding of them. I need help to break the habit. Is it that she has a dummy (pacifier) at night, and when she loses it, she wakes and can’t get back to sleep? I was inspired by diaryofalagosmum‘s recent post, about  her son V losing his dummy, and this in turn encouraged the family to not replace it. I know it hasn’t been an easy time for them since, but I’m impressed that  they have stuck with it. I know the reason for Lily waking every night, sometimes several times, could well be to do with the dummy being lost in the bed, so why can’t I ‘let go’ of the dummy, for some possible night time normality? Lily doesn’t sleep any night. It makes no difference whether she naps in the day or not!

I would love to hear your views and ideas of how to retrain Lily back to a whole night time sleeping child. Maybe I could even tolerate some of you pointing out my failings, despite professing to know them already! My family can now stop rubbing their hands together gleefully, in the anticipation of a chance to point out my failings as a parent!!

You can find Lagos Mum’s post here:


9 thoughts on “Sleep, shut eye, doze or having a kip. Whatever you call it, I want it please!

  1. LagosMum says:

    It’s so difficult to know what to do, isn’t it? I have a friend who ‘trained’ her son by letting him cry it out – I just couldn’t/can’t do that. I just have to hope that one day (sometime in the near future) he’ll start sleeping through!

  2. Oh I wish I could give some helpful advice instead of saying – I feel your pain. T is the same, although luckily she doesn’t fall asleep much during the day, although of course there are days when she does and that also means ending up with a bad night! When you’ve found the holy answer, please give a holler. All the best, Dean.

  3. It’s all about consistency, patience and perseverance (which is not easy I know!) my little man is just over two years old and goes to sleep by himself every night at 7pm and we don’t hear a peep from him all night until 6:30am but this didn’t come easily and we’ve had our bad nights too. I follow the book Save our Sleep by Tizzie Hall- now you will come across many people who are not a fan of this book but I generally find those people haven’t read it & understood it. It’s very much about routine & teaching your child how to self settle. But like anything I took the parts that worked for us & ignored the rest (for example she recommends no dummy but my little man has always had one). Whatever you decide to do good luck and I hope you find some answers & a plan that works for your family x

    • Thank you for your comments. I shall definitely have a look for the book. We really need a plan for sure as it’s chaotic during the night, and I find myself doing ‘anything’ for the peace!
      Last night again, I was up 3 times with Lily. It’s exhausting.

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