Tough love – update #2

12th October 8am

Lily finally made her last appearance at 6.15 am this morning.

She was full of beans and more importantly full of love. The previous night time antics seemed to have been forgotten (by her at least).

13th October 10 am

Last night was not so tough, in respect that we didn’t have the usual histrionics that goes with Lily being awake. Saying that she did wake a total of 5 times, which has still taken it’s toll on me this morning.

Each time she woke I managed to get her to bed (yes I took her!) but only took her to bed. I didn’t reward her by giving her a kiss or a cuddle, and somehow she accepted that.

We saw some part of every hour of the night. I was shattered, but I kept my patience, mainly because Lily wasn’t wailing and refusing to go back to bed. You won’t know how much of a difference that made.

I have to say, that I reminded her a couple of times that if she made a fuss when I took her to bed, then we would be putting the stair gate at the door. Perhaps the thought of being imprisoned swayed her!

She doesn’t know it yet, but the gate is getting put on anyway today.

As Allan said last night, using the threat of the stair gate at the door will wear off pretty quickly (we know, as it’s happened before), so we will put it on, and of course leave the middle section open, as long as she cooperates with the rules. I’m anticipating some repercussion later for doing this, but no pain, no gain!

From tonight, she will be taken back to bed once, then if she gets out of bed again, the gate will be shut. This is going to cause me so much pain. I’m welling up just thinking about doing it. Lily will go berserk, I know this. I have to keep reminding myself that this is for all our sakes. Our day to day living is being affected so much by lack of sleep.

Any way today is another day.

Lily is playing at making a den with blankets thrown over the furniture. She’s filling it with her dolls and teddies. Apart from being less than patient due to being tired, she is having fun.

14th October 5.50 am

Last night we had a little wobble at bed time. It was the first time in a while that Lily had made a fuss on going to bed. I think maybe the presence of the stair gate might have given her a sense of impending doom!

Allan and I were shattered. We were in bed by a respectable time of 9.15 pm.

At 10.30 we were disturbed –  not by Lily – but by the cat scratching at the cat flap (it’s locked at night for entry, because of neighbourhood cats visiting). The cat is usually quite vocal of a night when he comes in and realises no one is up to greet him! Only at night is he so vocal, and has been known to wake Lily. Given that we didn’t want Lily to wake I had to go downstairs to soothe him!

Have you noticed that I am trying to fill the void with chit chat about other things? That is beacause I have no tales of woe to tell about Lily waking last night.


Lily slept all night.

Of course I’m still programmed to check the clock at intervals throughout the night, but our beautiful little girl stayed in bed (I don’t know if she woke at all – I suspect not).

At 5am Lily came through to us, full of smiles and chattering through her dummy (that’s my next mission – say goodbye to the dummy!)

Ok, it’s a little too early to be getting up for sleep deprived folks, but I was so happy that she stayed in bed all night.

We made a big fuss, of course, and Lily got lots of praise and promises of little treats later.

I’m pretty sure the stair gate presence was a fluke, but we shall see tonight.

For now though it’s a massive step.

It’s safe to say, I’m a little bit chuffed.


6 thoughts on “Tough love – update #2

  1. Yay- progress is being made! Good on you both for sticking to it and don’t give up if it seems to go backwards for a bit. Now you’ve seen what it’s like for Lily to have a full nights sleep isn’t it all worth it?

  2. Oh my goodness – what a hard working mummy! I hope you crack this and get some well-earned rest. I always use the mantra ‘this too will pass’ when I’m tackling parenting challenges (night waking, getting rid of dummy, potty training – does it ever stop???). I got here via the blog hop by the way!

    • Hi
      Many thanks for dropping by Vanessa.
      It’s a non stop roller coaster when you have children isn’t it?
      I’ve always said the loving part is so easy. Not so the parenting 🙂

    • Absolutely. I’m not expecting Lily not to wake – she cannot help waking. It’s the settling down again that we are working on.
      She’s been fab, and without too much fuss.
      We don’t mind dancing awhile with her 😉

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