Buzz Off

Lily loves I spy, but like any toddler, makes her own rules up and I dare you to tell her the rules as you know them to be!

We had a particularly funny game the other day, where Allan started the game off, in an attempt to remind her how the game should be played. He started off with something simple like I spy with my little eye something beginning with B. To which we had a guess as to what it might be. I of course helped out a little, so Lily could associate her letters to her words more easily. Guesses of bum, boobles, window, chair and daddy, were all pretty nearly there, but the answer was book. So, now we have established the concept – not really – but it’s fun nonetheless. Lily was eager to have her turn. She had a turn or two, which went like this. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with … window”! Sigh. Cue the game play rules again. She then did the classic I spy tactic of looking at something, thinking to herself, that’ll flummox them, and looking away, pretending to look at something else. We saw her do it, then gave each other the ‘we know what she’s doing look’, before she piped, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with (then she started looking around again) …. “television”! For gawd sake. NO! say the letter not the object, you daft lump! Needless to say, we laughed, because that’s what you do when your kids act like numpties. 

I’m going to have a clear out of books in this house where there are words and phrases that Lily uses when she’s mad or cross. Lately, she has adopted the buzz off phrase, when she is non too pleased with something, usually me! This one is from Room on the Broom. At least this one is mild compared to the next phrase she has uttered on one occasion – I say one occasion, as thankfully that is the only time she has said it. I apologise to my friends who thought better of me, but I have let you down terribly.  We were just getting in to the car after a little trip to my favourite shop (cake decorators paradise shop). I had buckled Lily in to her car seat, walked around to the passenger side and got in, to find Allan laughing quietly to himself. I asked him why he was laughing, and he explained. As I had shut the door after putting Lily in her car seat, and walked away, Lily had muttered, “Bugger off then”! Well, of course I was aghast, and my laughter was just through sheer embarrassment (honest). I know exactly where she got it from – me of course, I know that. The cat next door keeps coming in and attacking our cat, and as I’m turfing him out, and giving him a ticking off, I utter those words, under my breath, or so I thought.

Allan said to Lily one dinner time, “Lily I love you”, to which she replied, “I love you too daddy”. Allan said, “Lily you’re gorgeous”. Lily said, “You’re gorgeous too daddy”. Finally Allan said to her, “Lily you’re really clever”, to which Lily replied in a knowing tone, “Yeah”! Not so clever eh, Allan? It was one of those, ‘got to have been there’ moments, to appreciate the tone in which she delivered the response.

Another time Allan was fishing for compliments, he said to Lily that he thought she was gorgeous. Instead of responding with the usual, “You are too daddy”, She asked, “Why?”. Allan replied, “Because you look like your daddy”, she laughed for a second or two, and said, “It’s more than THAT”! What a put down. She is such a smart Alec.

I had given Lily the cut offs from a cake that I had baked for an order last week, to eat.  I was busy assembling the cake, before I came through to see how she was getting on with eating it. Not surprisingly she had scoffed the lot in record time. As I walked through the front room I saw cake crumbs everywhere. I asked Lily how she had managed to drop so much of her cake. She answered that she had left them as a path. “A path. Why”? I asked. “Like in Hansel and Gretel”, she said, “So I can find my way”. Find her way back to the kitchen for more cake, perhaps?

You just couldn’t make up the things kids say can you? These times are priceless.

8 thoughts on “Buzz Off

  1. LagosMum says:

    So funny! We play I Spy with V as well. But we say things like, “I spy something green” or “I spy something with 2 wheels”. It is MUCH easier! Thank goodness we’ve not had any more swearing incidents 🙂

    • It’s what they come out with that’s so brilliant. I could write a book with so many things she does/says. I only wish my memory would stretch back all those years to remember the other two! 😉

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