Go on boy. You can do it!

it’s been an odd couple of weeks, myself being poorly, and not really wanting to write anything, or even document what Lily has been up to. Luckily she has not caught the dreaded disease (a cold) and has been her usual top form self.

I will start with an update on Lily’s progress with her sleeping.

She has been utterly amazing! Her circadian rhythm has got it’s mojo back, and she is sleeping pretty much through every night. We have had the odd, and I mean the odd,night, where she has woken briefly, to be soothed by myself or Allan, and she has gone back to sleep straight away. We have a little girl who is full of beans and who enjoys her days, instead of flagging late afternoon and is grumpy and tired before dinner time. 

It has been a difficult 18 months or so and we have all been exhausted.

Lily and I would just like to thank everyone who has shown support in our endeavour to get things back on track.

We have neighbours just around the corner who have lavished us with goodies such as, apples, flowers, corn and beets. They are lovely people, and just knock on the door to give us our gifts or sometimes just leave them outside the front door.

One particular day, the gentleman of the house came by. I was upstairs ironing while Lily played downstairs. I had not heard him come to the door, but as the door was unlocked (I must remember to lock it more often) she answered it. I could hear Lily talking, but assumed it was to her toys or imaginary friends Mongy and Dongy! Then I heard his voice, so I began to go downstairs. As I was about half way down I heard him ask her if mummy was there. “No”, chirps up Lily, “I’m all alone. Mummy isn’t here. She’s not home”! WHAT? My amble down the stairs turned in to a two at a time leaping of steps, and a short but frantic speed walk to the front door. “No, no..it’s ok, I am in. I’m not out. I don’t leave her on her own. Silly Billy Lily. Hahahaha “! I ruffled her hair in despair, hoping the neighbour really did not think that I would leave her on her own. He gave me some apples, smiled nicely and off he went. I don’t know if he went home to tell his wife that he thought Lily was left on her own sometimes or not, but I had a word with little miss liar pants about telling tales of such magnitude! 

Lily loves to spend time crafting with her daddy. More so than me, as I’m rubbish at sitting down with her and being all creative. I’d much rather throw some pencils, paint or play doh at her and let her get on with it, then sneak into the kitchen to be creative there with a cake or three! One day they were sat snipping and glueing bits and pieces together, when Allan picked up the scissors to cut some paper up. Lily looked up at him and with great enthusiasm said to him, ” Go on boy, you can do it”! I’m sure the reassuring egg on, was much appreciated by Allan, who continued to snip away.

Our next door neighbours cat is always in here, usually asleep on the sofa, in the middle of the floor or sometimes when he’s feeling right at home, on one of the beds. Lily loves Robbie, and quite often asks if we can keep him. She said one day that we could keep him forever as a new family pet. I said that daddy might have something to say about that, and she replied that we could keep him, but just keep it a secret from daddy! oh yeah, he won’t notice the permanent resident cat! I had a few, “But I love him” retorts, and a sad doe eyed look from her, followed by hanging shoulders and a foot stamping huff across the room. That showed me. The answer is still no.

We were preparing Lily to go to church last week to attend a christening. We are not church goers, and she had not attended church before. I was explaining the etiquette of being in church and what people do there, and the reasons why they go. One of the reasons was marriage and she said that she wanted to marry me. This led to another conversation about marriage and the norm of a man and woman getting married (I’m not getting into all the other stuff with her right now, before anyone pipes up!). She was insistent on marrying me. I explained again that it was the norm that she find herself some good stock worth marrying in a male form. She stopped talking very briefly before saying, “I don’t need any man”! Job done. Spinster or lesbian….I’m taking bets now!

Lily had been put in to the bath, and Allan and I were in the bedroom next door. She was happily splashing around so we took it upon ourselves to have a little ‘cuddle’, oh ok and a kiss and another ‘cuddle’. We were giggling and messing about like a couple of old codgers waiting to be sprung, when Lily stopped splashing around in the bath, and shouts out, “Stop it daddy, you grubby man”! Oh how we chuckled. I’m pretty certain I have never referred to Allan as a grubby man. I can only assume that when she’s got a dirty face or hands and I’ve called her grubby, it has come from there. I love that she just pops those comments in just at the right moment.

We had an incident recently where Lily had accidentally pulled her friend off from the sofa. I’m one for being polite and asked her to apologise. Not a chance. She wasn’t going to do that. Well it escalated in to something more than it should have been, but she was adamant that an apology was not going to be uttered.

Eventually my friend and her children left and Lily was still having what had now developed in to a tantrum! She was upstairs acting so convincingly, that I was tempted to put her forward for stage school. I called up to her saying that if she were to calm down, she could come downstairs and we would ‘talk’ about it. Lily eventually came down, puffy faced and tear stained – my heart was like stone! She let out a little sigh, then a tiny sob before throwing herself on to the floor in, what I have to describe as amazing acting (I nearly applauded). From the floor, and with shuddering shoulders she looked up at me and said:

“you’ve ruined my life”!

I laughed so hard, I nearly peed myself. This girl is a hoot. Really she is. She’s not 3 yet!

Once I stopped laughing, and she laughed too, I have to say. I asked her where on earth she had got such a thing from. She said she couldn’t remember but thought it was from Charlie and Lola (I’ll add a link to this programme at the bottom). If anyone can tell me that they have indeed heard miss Lola sprout such tripe, then please let me know, as I’m pretty sure she has not!

Aw Lily. You’re a champ!

Mummy x




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