Expressive behaviour or cheeky?

Image Lily is fast approaching her third birthday. Just six more weeks and she will a big girl and not a toddler any more.

I’m wondering, nay dreading, if she will up the ante in the cheekiness stakes (Allan said to prepare myself for more difficult times ahead). I don’t think she could act more 13 than she already does! 

It doesn’t matter what she asks for (usually something that she knows the answer will be no to), if she gets a no, or an, in a while reply, we have the huffing and puffing. The “It’s not fair” retort . The “You’ve ruined my life” sob. Stamping of feet, stamping of one foot, Hands on hips, poking of jabby little finger. Flouncing off in disgust, and muttering unmentionables under her breath. Spitting (this is a new one), She tells us that it’s no fun living here (cue me pointing to the front door…!), to stop looking at her, to stop talking to her, that she is fed up of us! 

I have to admit that she does get away with it more so than she would with her dad. I tend to let it go a handful of times, preferring to offer fair warning of an imminent repercussion. Undeterred, Lily continues to see just how far the mug that calls herself a parent can actually hold her own! As it usually plays out in these scenarios, Lily pretty much makes it to the naughty step around 1-2 times a week. It’s my last ditch attempt to regain some glimmer of sanity in the whole you versus me battle. She really sees the step as a punishment. She will sit there, not crying in anguish, but yelling toddler obscenities and threatening to batter me!. She’s so wound up that I can’t decipher the words, but I just know she’s spouting her take on profanity! I have never let her sit it out for the obligatory two minutes. I have said in previous posts that I find that too long, and usually within 45 seconds to a minute Lily is offering her apologies for whatever I have deemed as bad behaviour. To give her her due, she does make a grand show of it. She will offer kisses and cuddles, and tells me she is sorry for being cheeky, or hitting or spitting or whatever the misdemeanor may have been. I have to say here that we do not in any way shape or form batter Lily. It’s a phrase I concocted one time, that stuck, for pretend play. Unfortunately Lily now takes it to a new level and uses it to threaten in a menacing fashion. Needless to say, I have stopped using it in play, and I am hoping Lily drops it soon too!! You live and learn. 

Of course Lily just isn’t a wilful little madam. She is a delightful little girl. The occasions above are pretty much on a daily basis, but not so much that the naughty step is used so often.

Lily continues to make us splutter with laughter. Her sense of humour is wonderful.

Allan is from the North East  (I call him a Geordie but in truth he’s from Cleveland -but they all sound the same to me). I’m from the South, so we have very different accents. Lily has picked up on this and mimics us both very well. When she mimics me she goes all squeaky voiced and does the full apples and pears kind of accent! When she copies Allan she makes her voice go deeper (as deep as a 2.11 year old girl can) and takes on his accent pretty brilliantly. She often says to me that he sounds like Mr Bloom from CBeebies! And that is exactly what she sounds like when she mimics Allan. She’s a natural entertainer.

I averted a meltdown the other day by laughing at something that she had said. The conversation went something like this.

“Mummy I want to play games on your phone”.

Not now Lily, maybe later”.

“It’s not fair”.

She then began to cry, and I asked her why.

“It’s because I’m sad. You won’t let me play on the phone”.

I explained that she probably wasn’t feeling sad, but upset that I had said no. To help her understand this, I said that if Kitty died, she would be sad. She nodded in agreement. I also said that if daddy’s arm fell off, she would be sad.

She looked at me then said.

“No I wouldn’t, I would laugh”!

And that is how we averted the meltdown.





12 thoughts on “Expressive behaviour or cheeky?

  1. LagosMum says:

    Three is DEFINITELY worse than two. The first week of V being in his threes was worse than the whole year of being 2. He is constantly having meltdowns. No matter how I try to head them off.
    We’ve been in Dubai since 5am yesterday and my mother’s already complaining! Oops.

  2. muminahurry says:

    Love this post. Just popped by to say thank you for being one of my top commenters over the last year but thoroughly enjoyed this post. My son is more of a drama queen than my daughter and he’s 5 (she is 3) but I think its just down to different personalities. She seems a lot easier going than he is. Mind you, I’m not around during the inevitable meltdowns that they both have as I work full time and our lovely aupair has to deal with most of it! I’ve also considered doing a bunk until they are older! lol.

    • I unfortunately have been a little slack in reading blogs since the beginning of December. Christmas preparations and a surprise week away with my family for my 50th! It’s been hectic.
      I have been assured 3 will be a more challenging year with Lily. She ceases to amaze me though. We are so lucky

  3. Jean says:

    My son was rough from 2.5 all the way through 3. He’s 4 now and it’s amazing how much he’s settling down. I still hear things like “I don’t want to live with you anymore.” but at least there’s no more kicking and spitting. Dr. Harvey Karp also helped me tons in the beginning of his willfulness.

    • Thank you Jean
      Although she is challenging, I relish the other moments with her, which are delightful. I can at least hang on to those moments in times of frustration with her!!

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