Out with the old and in with the new

I haven’t been keeping tabs on blogging since the beginning of December, as the whole preparation for the festivities has engulfed me. Making cakes, salt dough craft, jam and chutney, all for gifts. 

Lily has though been her usual spirited self, and has given us many laughs, and frowns of disappointment too.

She has developed a ‘look at me’ personality.Pretty much as her sister did 20 odd years ago. To be honest her big sister still has this personality at the tender age of 28. Maybe she will grow out of it!

We spent a week away over my birthday and new Year – Oh haven’t I mentioned it yet? I turned 50 last month. 

Lily loved the attention from all my family who managed to make it to northcourt to help me celebrate. On an evening we would play games in the sitting room, and Lily couldn’t help but get involved. She tried to help out with the quiz that Allan had put together by making up her own questions! None of them made sense but we played along nevertheless. She danced and pranced and sang songs to her captive audience. She can mimic an accent. Copying Allan’s brilliantly with her deepening tone and northern twang!

Our next birthday is Allan’s this Wednesday, and then Lily’s on the 23rd (I did tell a friend it was the 24th, only to be told by another friend it was the 23rd! I expected deterioration, but so soon after my 50th?). For Lily’s birthday cake I have stupidly given her a choice for a design she would like. Given she loves Minnie mouse at the moment, I am keen to bake her something along those lines. Lily though has changed her mind several times, and I just know it’s all going to go pear shaped come the big day, when she doesn’t get the cake that she thinks she wants. 

So, Let’s talk about change.

I’m new to this blogging mallarky, and have for the past (almost) year, have been regaling tales of Lily’s personality only, and not really mentioned anything about her days, what she’s been up to etc. 

So I think, from my next post, I will start to write more informatively about her days.

I have decided to do this because so far all Lily will know of her informative years, will be my take on her quirky personality and funny ways. I want her to read about what we have done with her, and what she feels about what she does. Make it real, but hopefully still show her how funny and delightful she is. 

I may add photos, but as Allan still has concerns over her picture being plastered all over the internet, I think I will take discreet ones, which he may feel comfortable with. I’ve yet to approach him about this!

So, as always Lily likes to have the final word, something that drives me bonkers. You can’t say anything without her adding something, anything, as long as it’s her who has the final say!

Just before Christmas Lily and I were in my bedroom whilst I was getting dressed. She saw my make up box and asked if she could put some on. I said no, and gave the reason that little girls were already beautiful, and didn’t need make up. I went further, and started to tell her that mummies wear make up because…….. I never finished my sentence as Lily keenly did so for me..

She finished

…..” because mummies are scruffy”!

Yes my beautiful smart girl

Mummies are indeed scruffy.


7 thoughts on “Out with the old and in with the new

  1. Jean says:

    So many birthdays in one season! I love to include photos with my posts but their faces area always turned away from the camera. I have a long history with why I don’t want their photos online so I am paranoid but perhaps that’s a compromise between you and your husband?

    • I agree with your idea of adding photos but with faces turned or obscured. My husband may agree to this I’m sure. I still haven’t broached the subject with him, but will do as I’m due to write another entry 🙂

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