Being three and some big changes

I can’t believe it’s been 21 days since my last post! I found myself suddenly busy with cake planning and baking that I have neglected the blog a little. Anyway this blog is not about my cake baking (although that might be a good lead up to one!!)

So, Lily turned three. It was a big moment for her. She was talking about it for ages before her birthday. Telling us how big she was going to be and how being three was ever more nearer to going to school . She really loves the idea of school. She loves the idea of school so much that I took her to the local one last week, along with a friend and her children, one of which is the same age as Lily, and they will start school together. She loved it. We got a tour of all the classrooms (all 4 of them) and the kids got to stay for ten minutes in the reception class to play. Lily chose to join the children on the spelling table, so she could do her letters. She actually scribbled a little on the board and chatted with the teacher. Needless to say she was reluctant to leave. I love the fact that the school is so small and that every child knows every other child by name. Lily especially liked it when she saw some of our neighbours children there, and was keen to know what they were doing.

Well, that’s not until Easter 2015, so we had better get her enrolled in nursery first! It’s just a shame that the school doesn’t have that facility, but there is a good one in the next village, so we’ll be having a trip over there next.

Three came with two big changes for Lily. One, not so dramatic. She gave up the potty, which wasn’t at all a chore as she only ever used it to pee in! For the ‘other’ she used the big toilet. She had given it up months ago, but for some reason asked for it again, which wasn’t a problem, unlike the next change!!! The dummy (or pipe as she calls it) was and is the biggest thing. It’s removal has caused her to be restless at bedtime. I didn’t tell her to give it up, she chose to by herself. We ‘posted’ it to her niece, who she thought would benefit from it, more than she did herself. It’s only been four nights so it’s early days, and she does whimper at bed time, saying, “I wish I was two again, so I could have my dummy back again”! I just tell her it’s been posted and that she can’t have it because of that. Poor girl really regrets that one! I know she will be ok though, and the promise of treats if she goes to sleep keeps her keen (?).

She hasn’t changed in any other way mind you. She’s still so funny and has us sniggering behind cupped hands very often.

The only thing that she has started to say to us, and it hasn’t been often, is that she wants us to die! The first time she said that to me, I was so taken aback that I got cross with her. I told her how hurtful that type of comment is, but truthfully she doesn’t understand what she is saying, I know that. All I asked her to do was to help me tidy up her toys, and when she got cross with me for persistently asking, she turned to me and said, “I’m going to make you die”! Allan was told that she wished him dead too, so that she could sleep in bed with me. he explained that if he died, she would not get a treat like chocolate buttons. She thought about it for a second or two, then said, “Ok, I’ll make you come to life again again”! Phew, that was a close call.

Allan sometimes works from home and uses the kitchen table to work from. One day Lily was trying to get up at his laptop to see what he was doing, and he asked her to get down. She turned to him, raised her hands up to him and repeated, “Listen, listen, listen. I do all the work around here”! I guess it’s better than saying that she doesn’t want to work when she is older, and wants to do what mummy does and bake cakes all day! Yes, yes, yes, being a stay at home parent is such a worthless job! 

Arts and crafts is probably the one thing that Lily will do all day every day. She loves it. All the glueing, painting, drawing and cutting really keeps her interested. She has a lot of of art and craft items now, as she got a re-stock for Christmas and her birthday, to the point where we have run out of drawer space to put it all in. Allan is far better than me with sitting with her to do some art sessions, and is very creative too. I’ll draw a stick man or colour in pictures and if I’m feeling particularly arty, I’ll scrunch up some tissue paper and make a picture with that. You’d think being creative with cakes would make me more keen, but it doesn’t! 

Lily has a licking problem…..lick, lick lick. She will come at you, her tongue lolling out ready to take a swipe at your face, arm, leg or boobs! What she finds funny about it beats me, but she does find it very amusing. I guess it’s the fact that she is so gross, that keeps her at it. If she’s not licking, she’s poking. Never bend over near her, as she’ll stick her finger up your bum! I’ve been bending over the bath…poke….bending down to the oven…poke, picking up toys off the floor…poke, poke, poke! The times I’ve nearly jumped out of my skin. 

She had a spate of putting things in her knickers. Anything. Plastic cutlery, little toys, anything that was small enough to fit. I’m sure she thought she was a flaming kangaroo. She just walked around with a little bulge for days! 

So, Lily’s birthday came and it was a quiet time, with just her and me at home. We didn’t have a party, but the weekend after her birthday we had family visiting, so we had a belated birthday tea. She was made up with this as it meant the long awaited cake came out from it’s tea towel hiding place in the kitchen. She had seen the fairy that I had made for it, but that is all. To say she was over the moon with her cake is an understatement. She loved it, especially all the icing that covered it. She’s not that bothered about the cake, just the icing. 



I’m looking forward to Lily’s third year, and dreading it at the same time. I know we’re in for some wonderful times but I also know how obstinate and difficult she can be, and I feel these times will get worse before they get better.

Here is Lily’s final say

“Mummy your bum looks really fat”! 

She said this, this afternoon while I was bending over. I am grateful mind you, that she only said it, and not accompany it with a big poke!


11 thoughts on “Being three and some big changes

  1. LagosMum says:

    Wow! So much has happened! Happy belated birthday to Lily! Congratulations on losing the pacifier. And what a beautiful cake! The only thing I can make is cereal 😉

    • Hey nice to see you!
      I’ve popped over to you a couple of times but you hadn’t written anything. I hope you’re ok xx
      I love baking and I’m trying to get it off as a business now 🙂
      The pacifier is back thanks to Daddy! Least said soonest mended on that subject.

  2. Lea says:

    I’m 44 and 8 weeks pregnant! I feel scared and am so worried about what people will say? I have a 10 year old with my current husband of 12 years, And I have 3 adult children from a first marriage. I have only told my 10 yr old and my 23 yr old daughter because I feel like I’m a fool for attempting this again! My husband and 2 girls are happy but I have the worse morning sickness which I fear will not ease up after 14 weeks because it didnt with my 10 year old either! I want to thank you for your blog it does help me and eases my mind a bit. I wish it was December and I could just deliver already!

    • 44? You’re so young 😉
      Seriously, congratulations Lea.
      I have to say you will feel some trepidation about being pregnant in your 40’s, it’s only natural, and If I were to say to you that I breezed through mine without some concern, I would be lying.
      The truth is, it is absolutely normal to be pregnant in your 40’s. We’re not freaks of society and you will find that no one will judge or question your decision (maybe your kids, but hell, your kids question everything you do!).
      If your like me you will be trolling through the internet looking for negative pregnancy stories, trying to frighten the life out of yourself! I’ll say don’t, but if your’e like me, you will ignore that advice.
      I’m sorry that you have morning sickness. I only had it mildly, so wasn’t too bad.
      I’m happy to lend an ear if you fancy a chat about any concerns you have.
      My email is
      Congratulations again 🙂

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