It’s not your fault I’m poorly!

It’s been a while since I visited my blog. I’ve no excuses, other than not really finding the time to sit and write.

Given this is a blog about Lily and for Lily, I think I need to make sure that I keep on top of it, otherwise what’s the point of documenting her early years. She’s going to open it up one day expecting to see pages and pages of interesting reading, only to see huge gaps in her life, and she’ll turn to me and say, “I knew you never cared about me”! I’m sure she will utter those words from time to time any way, in her endeavour to hurt me while feeling hard done by! As with all of my children, I’m sure sometimes she will wonder in awe at how I managed to read her mind, or know what she was about to do, or magically find out about a past wrong. Mums are so good at these amazing feats!

So, since the last time I wrote Lily has been a little poorly. She has only had tonsillitis, but her poor tonsils which are like golf balls anyway, were terribly swollen and she could barely speak. As they swelled up in her throat she struggled to be understood, and we kept asking her to repeat what she was saying. Eventually ( I like the body’s own immune system to try to sort out the bug and germs before rushing off to the doctor) we took her to the out of hours surgery at the local hospital. We saw an amazing doctor, who happened to be a Sikh, and he was so kind and lovely to Lily. He spent some time making her feel at ease, and telling her what he was doing at every step. I mentioned that he was a Sikh, only because Lily was amazed by his hat! I explained that it wasn’t really a hat but a turban, and tried to explain to her about the reasons he wore it, and the religion. She asked what religion was, and I struggled to explain this to her. So, I opted to tell her that he wore it because that’s what they do in his country!! I don’t think this mum will be home schooling too soon. I knew she struggled to understand what he was saying to her also, so afterwards asked her if she could understand him. She said no because his beard was too big and covered his mouth! Armed with antibiotics and pain medication we came home and made her better. I can still hear a slight nasally sound from her throat due to her tonsils being large, but the doctor assures us that them being so big is not a problem. If they were to do anything with them, then usually they will at around the age of 5 to 6 . We just got rid of the tonsillitis when she got a cold but a few days of being snotty was ok, and she never really complained. She wiped that snotty mush on everything though. Her sleeves were constantly stiff, she wiped it on the furniture, me, her dad and even the cat had a nice wet finger running down his back from time to time!

During the time of Lily’s tonsillitis she spoke to her sister Laura on the phone. Laura had said that she was sorry that she was feeling so poorly. To which Lily replied, “But Laura,  it’s not your fault I’m poorly”! Lily said the same thing to me later on that same day, after feeling sorry for herself and crying for a while. I told her that she was brave and mummy was very proud of her, and I was sorry she was feeling ill, and I couldn’t make her feel better. She just snuggled in a told me that it wasn’t my fault.

On the back of the tonsillitis, Lily’s sleep pattern has taken a backward step. It’s been quite frustrating given we managed to reset her circadian rhythm! So we were back to hours every night of waking and not going back to sleep. Hours of back and forth, cajoling and threatening to shut the gate over her doorway. Thankfully we have pretty much managed to get her back on track, and her days are happier for not being so tired from lack of sleep the night before. It seems that very little knocks her rhythm out of sync. We have started rewarding her for staying in bed, and this has helped a lot.

Lily has enjoyed many days pedalling up and down our little road on her bike, which she bought with her Christmas money (but spent it around her birthday). Allan only spent 20 minutes or so showing her how to pedal forwards instead of backward, before she grasped it completely. Unfortunately that very same day, she fell off the bike doing what seemed like 50mph, and trying to turn her bike around too quickly and over she went. She was luckily wearing her helmet as her head bounced off the road. She was carried home like an heroic fallen soldier, and after some TLC and a treat, she was back out and on it again. She declared herself to be brave, and to this day (3 weeks on) she mentions it from time to time. What a hero!

Those of you familiar with CBeebies will have heard of a particular programme called Me Too. You know the one where we have to endure Granny Murray and all her barmy friends! There is a song that is sung every time, and it goes like this, ‘I’ve got to do it, I’ve got to do it, I’ve got to beat the clock before the chime…I’ve got to sort it I’ve got to sort it I’ve got to do this job on time’. It’s annoying but the kids love it. Anyway, Lily and I were unpacking the shopping which had been delivered, and from nowhere she started rushing around with tins, packets and frozen veg singing this song! I laughed obviously, because it was funny and appropriate to the job she was doing. At that moment, and only at that moment, I loved that bloody song!

On account of my chubbiness, I have enrolled in Slimming World (and doing well, thank you for asking. I’ve lost 11lb in 7 weeks). Lily made a comment about mummies being fat and daddies being slim. I guess I have myself to blame for that one. Allan sat there sniggering saying he was like a Greek God, and Lily said, “Yes, you’ve always been a Greek God”! Pah hahaha come on Lily, open your eyes love!

2 thoughts on “It’s not your fault I’m poorly!

  1. LagosMum says:

    Poor Lily – glad she’s all better now. We are just done with a couple of nights of 103-104 temperatures, midnight trip to the doctor, runny nose and a great big hacking cough! And my furniture is covered in snot as well. V’s finger is constantly in his nose! What’s that all about?? I told him that children that pick their noses aren’t allowed to go to London as the queen doesn’t ‘let them in’. This worked. For about two minutes!
    Lily is so brave for getting back on the bike. Well done to her! And well done to you for joining Slimming World and for the weight loss!

    • It’s a worry when they get a temperature, especially when you need to take them to the docs.
      Lily too enjoys a good pick of her nose. I’m sure the threat of the Queen banishing her from the Kingdom would be met by a retort of sorts.
      Slimming World has been good for me, and I also go to box fit classes once a week, which nearly kills me!

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