Fish! It’s good for your brain

On any given day we will have a new battle.

It can be anything from refusing to go to bed, eating her food, tidying up, being cheeky or any other of a hundred things I could list, but wont.

Anything we ask of Lily is usually met with a no or I can’t, or won’t, or I’ll do it later. If we insist on her doing whatever it is we are asking of her, we are then treated to the hard done by act!! How can she turn on those instant tears, so….well…..instantly? It’s brilliant. One minute happy and giggling, the next woeful wailing, with the biggest tears streaming down her face. It’s time for bed, we say. Lily says no, we insist…crying! We say eat your dinner properly, like a human, not a cat. Lily says miaow, and carries on eating like a cat. We insist on her eating properly….crying! We ask her not to be cheeky. She says she can’t help it. We insist she stops….crying! 

We all know that those times are only part of her development, but at times it feels like the day is endless with me moaning and shouting.

Of course Lily is not all misery and angst and the majority of the time she is delightful. Her sense of humour shows us how bright and funny she is. We hide behind our hands and turn away from one another, when the other is in mid scold, trying not to splutter out loud whilst the scolding parent is in full swing and Lily is shrugging her shoulders and saying things like, “I will if I like, or I wont”! How can you not laugh?

Allan was telling Lily off for being cheeky and was using the trampoline as his bargaining tool. He explained to her that her being cheeky would mean a ban from using the trampoline. He was trying to ascertain whether she understood the implication of carrying on being cheeky, by asking her if she understood. Having being met with a few tears and feigned distraught look, he asked her if she was going to now stop being cheeky. To which she shrugged her shoulders and said, “You’ll have to wait and see”! 

We were sitting having Sunday dinner the other weekend and Lily had tried the gammon earlier and said it was too spicy (it was a little salty) so she didn’t want it for dinner. I gave her fish fingers to replace it. While she was eating, we told her that fish was good for you, telling her the old story of it being particularly good for the brain, making you clever. Lily offered Allan a bite of her fish fingers but he declined telling her that he didn’t like fish. Lily then said to him, “Go on have it, you might need some”! 

Lily was in the bath, and Allan came in to use the toilet. She asked him why he stood to wee, so he explained the differences between girls and boys toilet use. She thought for a moment then said that both boys and girls both sit to do a poo. Allan agreed that this was the case. She then told him that it was because, if the boys stood to do a poo like they did to have a wee, they would poo on the floor! The girl is a genius!!

Sitting in the front room with Lily one day I said to her that I was tired. “Yes, I’m knackered too mummy”! Of course I blamed daddy for that one, but I think if the truth be known, I am the one who says that far too often, for it to have gone unnoticed !

Lily was pretending to be a cat one day, which is totally unrelated to this next part. While pretending to be said cat, she asked what dainty meant. I explained to her what it meant. Then she asked what ‘fock’ meant! Both Allan and I looked at each other, hoping that the other would come up with an explanation. I said to Lily that I was afraid that I had never heard of the word ‘fock’ before, and she left it at that. I’m saying now that she made that word up, and we do not use the other word that sounds like that, in front of Lily. 

Yesterday Lily was eating some raisins, and after eating them from the floor like a cat, I asked her to put them back in the bowl and eat them properly. She did (no tears!!). A few minutes later she got some out and started to sit on them on the floor. I asked her not to do it, but her reply was that it was fun. I asked her if she would climb up on the dinner table and sit in her dinner. She said no, because it was silly. I asked her if she would sit in her cereal bowl, and again she said no. “So, why would you sit on your raisins, as it is a silly thing to do”? I asked her. Her answer was, “You’re a grown up, and you don’t do silly things. I’m a child, and I’m supposed to do silly things. That’s what childs do”! 

And finally……

Allan – “Lily, I love you”

Lily – “I don’t really care”!

Keep em coming kid. 

You are keeping your old folks very amused.




2 thoughts on “Fish! It’s good for your brain

  1. LagosMum says:

    She is a genius! How do they know everything? And why do they always have a reason as to why they can’t do something? V is constantly negotiating with me about everything. He has become so good at it, it’s scary!

    • A genius she is not, cunning yes! Oh and manipulative.
      I often get amazed at how quick a response she comes up with and her reasoning and negotiation skills are brilliant.

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