We’re back!!!

It’s been a while I know, since my last post, but hey, here we are raring to go!

Coughs, colds, tonsillitis, viral bugs, chicken pox and chickens (the pox was unrelated!) have played their part in our absence. 

During our poorly days there wasn’t a chance of anything getting written, mainly due to tiredness once Lily had gone to bed. Then laziness set in if I’m to be honest, and I always said to myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”! Always tomorrow. 

Then the chickens arrived. They are just over 5 weeks now and we love them. It has been like having newborn babies in the house. They seem to have needed to so much attention. This took it’s form by needing to clear out water and feed containers every hour it seemed. By heck those chooks make so much mess kicking up wood shavings and soaking up every ounce of their water!. Thankfully now they are outside in the garden. Lily loves them. She picks grass for them and hand feeds them. It is so lovely to see them run over to her to get a treat, despite the garden being full of grass, they seem to prefer pecking it from her fingers. They will make wonderful pets and she cannot wait for them to start laying eggs. 

We had chicken pox recently in our street….cue me whisking Lily by her hand to all who had it! I would insist on her giving them a kiss and a cuddle, just to ensure maximum exposure. Of course it finally came and she sported a fair few blisters and a little discomfort, but on the whole Lily passed through with only minor battle scars, from where she scratched a few. She still has some red marks but these will fade in time, like the pot holes she has too, from incessant picking! I did offer several people to attend a pox party but no one came. Sad, because the cake was delicious.

We went to visit Lily’s big sister Laura in London a few weeks ago, and on our way to the station platform to meet her, we were halfway down the stairs, when a larger than life rail worker stepped on to the bottom step. yes, this is going to make you cringe. He was very large, in fact he was probably the largest man I have ever seen that wasn’t being filmed for a documentary, and bedridden! I wasn’t taken aback. I wouldn’t have tut tutted as I walked past him and mutter something about diets. No, I have some decency, and I’m overweight too, so it would be very hypocritical of me to cast aspersions. Lily on the other hand has no qualms about saying it as it is. As soon as she saw him, she shouted, nay she whipped out her mega phone, and yelled for all the world to hear, “Wow, look at that man, he’s ENORMOUS”! Gawd. I died of the ‘I’m a mum of a three year old’ syndrome. He never flinched. I’m assuming he never flinched. I couldn’t look, as my head was down, and dragging Lily to pass him. I was practically banging her knees off the steps trying to get past him, without her spouting any  more comments. We did have a little chat about it and I explained that saying things like that could have hurt the man’s feelings. her response after our chat was, “But, he was enormous, wasn’t he mummy”?

Lily was visiting our next door neighbour one day and wondering what she was up to I went round to find her. When I got there my neighbour was in her kitchen chuckling to herself. She told me that Lily had been singing, and as my neighbour couldn’t hear the words, asked her what it was that she was singing. Lily just looked at her and said, “It’s because it was in German”! I have a German sister in law, and as far as I know Lily has not been getting lessons, so goodness knows where she conjured that up from. I suspect Lily intended to sing in German but it seemed to only translate in to gibberish.

The kids in our street all play out there. it’s a safe no through road, and most people drive carefully, especially those that live here or visit often. All the adults look out for each others offspring, and when a car comes, the on duty adult, shouts words of warning for the kids to mind the car. One particular day Lily was out playing and a friend Joe, was out, and he alerted Lily to the fact that another neighbour had driven in to the lane by telling her that Shirley had come home. True to form, Lily piped up, “I know, I have eyes. I can see”! Suffice to say he ruffled her hair and chuckled to himself. If she had said that to me, it would have been immediate chastisement and a curt warning not to be so cheeky. 

Pondering about her life at home, Lily has come up with a plan so she can optimise the length of time she is able to live here. Her long term plan is for us all to live harmoniously under one roof until she is an adult. At this point in time (it could be when she’s 7, 12, 20 or older. She hasn’t decided what age she feels is adult yet) she is happy for us all to be here at the moment. When she is an adult, I have to move out. She and daddy dearest will then live an idyllic life without me. I think she forgets that certain luxuries like bedtime back and tummy rubs are only given by me. I laughed out loud when she first ran it past me, but for as certain as she was that this little arrangement was happening, she told me straight, “You are moving out mummy. Yes you are. I’m not kidding”! Anyone out there who wants to offer board and lodgings to a soon to be homeless, unloved mother, please do get in touch.

We have our meals together at the table of an evening and do encourage social chit chat. Lily’s definition of social chit chat is to talk incessantly instead of eating. We try to get a balance but it’s so hard shutting her up to take even one morsel of food. In the end I usually sigh several times followed  by please eat you food, and we don’t mind you talking but…..and on and on it goes. One topic recently was being well behaved. She chatted a little (a lot) about being good, then added, “I am going to be good every single day from now on. I won’t be naughty ever again”. She managed a mouthful of food or two before adding, “But you and daddy both know that I am lying, don’t you”?  

Allan was reading Lily a bedtime story one night, and from upstairs I heard Lily wailing, which very quickly turned to screams of anger. It transpired that while Allan was in mid story,  Lily was interrupting and he shushed her. In response to him doing this she punch him clean in the face! Allan wasted no time in ending the story time, and came downstairs aghast that she had assaulted him. He went back to have a chat with her and questioned why she saw the need to punch him in the face. She wasn’t perturbed by this question, and brazenly said, “You told me to shush”! I am guessing Allan will not be telling her to shush again in fear of more abuse. 

Lily has some shoes….. sandals, trainers and a pair of Clark’s canvas shoes (marketed as Doodles), she fondly calls them dildo shoes. Enough said.

Finally the lovely Dean over at http://motherslittlesteps.com/ featured us as part of her monthly Chats with Mums and Dads. You can find our interview here:  http://motherslittlesteps.com/little-chats-with-moms/  which was featured in July.


4 thoughts on “We’re back!!!

  1. Welcome back! Your little girl never fails to make me laugh. I can’t believe she punched her dad on the face for shushing her up. And that long-term plan of hers? … Actually, I’m sure she’s going to keep editing that – can’t wait to hear it next! 🙂 x

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