My Toddler Rules is losing its ‘toddler’!

Well here we are, rollercoasting to the end of another year of fun, excitement, tears, tantrums, learning and loving.

Lily is hurtling towards 4 years old, so technically she will no longer be classed as a toddler.

So, then what? Do I keep my blog as it is named now, or do I change it to something more aptly titled ? I have pondered this on and off for a while now, but still have yet to decide whether to give the old blog an overhaul.

Lily has grown so much over the past 12 months. Her abilities have galloped away at speed, and she leaves us spellbound at times, with her wit and sharp knowledge. Like all children she soaks up information and listens intently to what is going on, to then reveal what she has learned in ways that astound us at times. We think she is a bright little cookie and we boast her talents to who ever will listen.

I don’t doubt that she will continue to give me more than I can remember, to write about, so that I can still share her humour and devilish ways with you all.

So, to round off 2014 with a few funny moments from the girl herself.

Lily loves ferreting around down my top. She has a fascination with my boobs (boobles). If she comes in to bed with us, she likes to fiddle, slap and wobble them. How so much fun can be had with them goodness only knows. I don’t need answers on a postcard from any men, thank you. One day she was rummaging around as usual, when I asked her what she was doing, she promptly replied, “I’m just looking to see if you have any bugs down there”! Rest assured, I do not, nor ever had beasties lurking down my cleavage!

She was drinking hot chocolate one day, when I said to her to mind that the hot chocolate wasn’t too hot. Quick as you like, she said, “But it’s hot chocolate. It’s supposed to be hot” Smart Alec.

Lily was watching me make a cake for my sisters friends 70th birthday. It was a a pretty pink cake with a subtle hint of….well….penis!


She watched in awe as the cake came together, and as I was making the chocolate willies to go around the outside she asked why I was putting bones on the cake. I nearly spluttered with laughter at the innocent, but aptly worded question. I just muttered something about her friend liking bones, so that was why she had them on the cake! I explained that I would give the ‘bone’ moulds to aunty Lindsey to take to the party, so they they could make bone ice cubes too! “Before you do mummy”,  she said, “Can I make bone ice cubes to go in to my drinks”? Oh deary deary me.

I swore recently. Well, when I say recently, I actually mean that I let the odd ‘bloody hell’, slip out. I didn’t realise how often I said it until the other week. We were all sat in the front room playing a game, I think. I can’t remember the reason why she said it, but Lily was sitting on the floor, and quietly but almost appropriately, she said those words…..bloody hell. Allan looked at me accusingly. I looked at him almost weeping with laughter ( I was nervous ok?) and spluttered that I didn’t know where she got that from. Lily lifted her head and without batting an eye, she looked at me and said, “I got it from you mum”! “Did you Lily”? I asked, trying to catch her gaze so I could shake my head in a silent code for her to change her accusation. “Uh huh, it was you. I got it from”. Little tittle tattle.

Lily and her niece Isabel were playing magic fairy spells one day. Isabel was saying, magic, magic, I’ll turn you in to a cat, dog, bird, etc to her other Nanny. Duly, her Nanny obliged by making the obligatory animal noises to make Isabel laugh. When it was Lily’s turn, she used her magic spell on Allan, saying to him, “Magic, magic, I turn you in to …… a tin of baked beans”! Game over.

Lily was trying to explain something to me that she had apparently told me the previous day. I kept saying that I really didn’t know what she was talking about, and that I really couldn’t remember what it was that she was trying to say to me. She was getting quite exasperated and sighed the biggest sigh before saying, ” I wish I had a better mum than you”! I apologised and said that I wasn’t a very good mum, to which she wholeheartedly agreed.

Let’s hope I can do better in 2015

Happy New Year from us both.


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