Changes afoot to My Toddler Rules …..That’s Official

I am sitting here at 2.55am on New Years day listening to my next door neighbours drawing their night of festivities to an end. I’m not sure they need to be vacuuming though! It’s been a quiet one for us. Just me, Allan, Lily and her Granddad. We didn’t see the New Year in together as it’s not really how we roll here.

As I sit here in the dark (I turned the light on and a bulb blew causing the switch on the fuse box to knock off!) I can faintly hear both Allan and Lily snoring in bed. Lily is in our bed due to not being able to sleep. This is caused by either A: Her fake unwellness (always a dubious excuse), or B: The fireworks going off since around 10pm (which is the more likely of the two). Either way, I was clinging to the edge of the bed. You know the place. It’s where you are lying on the seam, moments away from plunging to the bedroom floor. So instead of trying to force myself to sleep, it was easier to come downstairs and make use of the semi quiet to write this.

The purpose is purely to have a play around with the theme of the blog.

I have changed the style from Pachyderm, which now seems a little babyish for my almost four year old daughter, to a more simple style. Please feel free to comment with your approval or disdain. Given that I have a limited amount of free styles to choose from, please be gentle with me.

You will notice too, that the title has altered a little. I feel that as Lily is no longer a toddler, I needed to change at least that part of the title. So from herein, toddler has changed to kid. Nothing fancy, just more suitable. I have also changed the tag to reflect the change, and it now says – It continues here, instead of it all starts here.

Nothing else will change at the moment.

I will continue to keep my blog free from advertising, unless WordPress see fit to sneak one in..

I don’t use photos of Lily, and for the time being, this will still be so.

Thank you to my followers for your continued support. I’d like to say without you, I’d be nothing, but that isn’t true, so I won’t.

This blog is for Lily to read when she is of an age to do so. She will be my most important audience member, but I welcome you to continue to share the high and lows along the way.

Happy New Year

I’m also going to change the site address to

I will do this before my next post.

Josanne x


6 thoughts on “Changes afoot to My Toddler Rules …..That’s Official

  1. Kaz says:

    Hi Josanne.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Am not an ‘official’ follower but nip in now and again and I must say I did miss reading about Lil Lilys exploits!

    Can’t comment on patchyderm as don’t know what that is!
    I will be interested to read your experiences on how your primary school application process is going.

    My son will be 4 on 28th Jan and I’m bogged down in cross referencing schools, admission policies, supplementary statements excetarara.. as schools in my part of the world are heavily oversubscribed.

    Will be 46 this year you inspire me that I should have more energy!



    • I have only just seen this post, so many apologies for that!
      It’s been a while since I graced my presence on the blog, and need to get back on track. Other projects and Lily now being in school has hindered my writing unfortunately. I might need to do a cake blog instead!!
      I hope you got your son in to the school of your choice, as by now you would have found out. Lily remains in the school where she has been in nursery, so no changes there for her.
      Haha, please do not be fooled in to thinking I have energy, oh no! I have a serious lack of it.
      Take care Kaz

    • Ah the minefield that is school! Here it is very easy. We have a very small school here in the village (around 60 children). Lily will start in April on a nursery basis….boy am I looking forward to it. She needs to start channelling her verbal energy elsewhere. She has me over a barrel some days 😉 As for my energy. Well I turned 51 this week. I can tell you my energy levels are very much depleted right now x

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