Now we are 4 and know everything!

It’s been another busy period here in our house.

Having got Christmas and new Year out of the way, Lily’s birthday arrived in January. Our big girl turned 4 (and daddy turned 50)

Turning 4 wasn’t so epic (50 for daddy was)  in the great scheme of things, but Lily has seemed to have upped the ante somewhat in ways that are very displeasing to us older folk. 

Here’s a word

Argumentative. What does it mean?

adjective quarrelsome, contrary, contentious, belligerent, combative, opinionated, litigious, disputatious

It describes Lily so well these days. Black is definitely white with her. If you ask her to do something, you’ll get an argument. If you explain something to her, you’ll get an argument… and so forth. It is so infuriating, and I admit to having a mini toddler tantrum from time to time myself. I’m all for children having the right to an opinion, to be able to have some freedom of speech, but hey! There’s only so much freedom in the world, and she’s taking bloody liberties with it.

We were chatting the other day and Lily was trying to explain something to me, that she had already told me previously (I couldn’t remember… in one ear and out the other with me). She was getting quite ratty about it, insisting that I did remember, and arguing with me when I said I really couldn’t. Yes you do, no I don’t , yes you do, no……….Sigh, “I wish I had a better mum than you”! They say the truth hurts.

How about this for a threat:

“When I’m a grown up, I’m going to spoil all your fun and everything” I think she has forgotten about the here and now.

Lily loves her arts and crafts, and drawing pictures is one of her favourite things to do. She had a picture of a dragon with a very good flame shooting from its mouth. I praised her on how brilliant the picture was, and how realistic the flame was that she drew. Not being able to lie too much, she told me that daddy had in fact drawn that bit of the dragon, but it didn’t matter, did it? Now, as parents, we do like to tease and basically torment her verbally (it’s character building!!). So I feigned disappointment that she had told me a fib about the flame. Lily then said that it didn’t matter, and that it was still a good picture. I kind of went a little too far with it, to the point of her getting a strop and flouncing off. Before she did though, she indignantly told me that I had hurt her feelings. Cue a grovelling mummy.

I don’t always make her cross, and do have a good laugh with Lily. Her sense of humour is terrific, and to be fair she can take a joke and a bit of teasing. We were having a giggle the other day. She was belly laughing hard, and over doing the clutching of the belly, and almost folding herself in half with hysterics. She threw her head all over the place (I am really that funny), then clutched herself between the legs and squealed, “You made me laugh so much I just had a little dribble in my knickers”!

While we’re on bodily functions. Lily had come downstairs after going up to the bathroom to go for a poo. I asked her if she had managed to go, but she hadn’t. Lily said,  “Its had its chance, but it wouldn’t come.” I love her one liners.

Allan was teaching Lily refraction one day (she did ask him to). He sat with her drawing diagrams, and explaining what it all meant. While he was doing so, he said to Lily, that maybe once he had taught her what it was all about, that maybe she could teach me. She continued to watch and listen before adding, “Maybe you could explain it to mum instead”. Lily very often asks what things mean and how they work. She’s an extremely inquisitive child.

She teaches us a few things too, like French. I’ll teach you what she has passed on to me. Be prepared to be amazed!

Bonjour – there you go. Amazing…. then we have …. haw he haw haw hee  haw he haha haw hee haw. I’ve yet to try it out on any French people out there, but if anyone could translate it for me, I would be grateful.

Lily loves dancing. She loves dancing, but dancing doesn’t love her! Any way, she was dancing to Gangnam Style, and shouted for me to come and watch. She asked me if I could do it (can a bird fly?). Of course I could do it, I told her. I busted my best moves, sure that she would be impressed. Nah! She told me that I was jumping too high, so I altered my moves a little, and feeling very optimistic that I was wowing her with my prowess. They say out of the mouths of babes. She shook her head and said, “Nah, you’re too old”! Then she sauntered off.

We were just sitting down to dinner last weekend, and as Lily slid on to her chair and looked at her plate she exclaimed, “Cracking dinner love” Shucks, thanks love.

Best conversation stoppers.

1. Lily was pretending to be pregnant, and had stuffed her dolly up her top. Allan was chatting to her about her baby and then asked who the baby’s daddy was. She looked up at him and said dolefully, “He died”! I laugh every time I think about that, or say it out loud.

2. Lily came in to our bedroom one morning and I was giving her a cuddle, when she put her hand over her nose and mouth and said “phwoar”. I apologised, and asked if it was my dreadful breath. “No, your whole body smells” I should have kept my mouth shut.

My 4 year old old beautiful girl

My 4 year old old beautiful girl


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