It’s not like I’ve stopped caring you know!

So…….. excuses!

Nope, I have none.

I’m a lazy good for nothing blogger, who has found another love that, has interfered with my writing! 

Since Lily started in nursery over at the local school, my other love has gone and taken over my life, to the point where some family members have said I am obsessed, to the point of boring (my hubby included). I bake now for a living (I’m a bona fide business woman), and when I’m in business mode, It takes over my days and evenings. I have then neglected my writing because of this. Now, if this blogging mallarky would fetch me in some hard cash, I might be forced in to tending to it more!

There are no one off witty comebacks that Lily has said  in my mind, for me to share with you, as I have to catalogue them all via my phones voice recorder. I have neglected to do that, so if you are banking on my razor sharp brain springing in to action, then I’m afraid you will be very disappointed. I can barely remember what happened an hour ago.

I do know her full name, date of birth (more than hubby that’s for sure) and what colour eyes she has. I know she still has a string of one liners up her sleeve to throw at us in any given situation. Most of them land her in a heap of trouble, but some, despite being overly cheeky, make us turn our heads and stifle a laugh.

She was drawing today with Allan, and I could hear their banter from the kitchen. I understand from what they were saying, that My Little Ponies were supposed to be drawn. According to Lily, she was drawing them, and although Allan managed a  spectacular beast, she just kept telling him that it looked like a chubby horse! I kid you not, it was like a stallion! Unfortunately for him though, her doodle envy would not allow her to admit it was amazing, and used the best knock down she could muster. I’m not sure, but I think I heard a tiny cry from Allan.

School is going amazingly well.

She loves it.

Despite being of nursery age, Lily is in the same class as the reception children. This means she does as they do. I love how children soak up so much information and knowledge. If you ask her how her day went and what did she do, she would retort,”I can’t remember”! As would any other child I would think. If left to ponder though, she will blurt out facts and little snippets of information that she has learned. In the three months she has been there, she has learned so much. Her reading has been amazing. She has gone from telling her stories from looking at the pictures, to full on reading the words. I have had to buy books for the holidays for her to read as she loves it. She craves to go back to school (and me too) as she misses her classmates and her teachers. I hope her hunger to learn continues. She starts reception in September, and tells everyone she sees.

School sports day was fun too. She can’t run very fast, and came in last or second to last, but boy did she have fun. I doubt whether she will win the Olympics any time, but for effort, she wins gold every time.


Since my last visit here she has been a flower girl twice. Once for her brother Liam’s wedding and then just two weeks later for her cousins wedding. She looked adorable. I don’t know how she managed to rip the netting from one of her dresses, but by the end of the evening at one wedding, her dress was in tatters, and she looked bedraggled and exhausted. She danced all evening and had a blast though.


We had an unfortunate event a while back. All five of our chickens were taken by the fox. It was an awful find, and I cried buckets over it. They were not simply livestock to us, but family pets, with names and little personalities. Lily pouted a little when she was told but never batted an eye really – the heartless witch! She was more interested in the blood and guts of it all. “Can I go out and have look”? she asked. We now have five more girls and just waiting for them to start laying. I have to say their personalities are not the same as the last lot, and they turn their noses up at healthy treats, preferring the more expensive meal worm. Someone needs to tell them not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

We have introduced Lily to the theatre. She loves going and watching the live performances. The first one we took her too was Aliens love underpants. It was funny and quite interactive, which she liked (eventually). This week we took her to see an adaptation of her favourite film, The wizard of Oz. As a surprise we invited her big sister Laura along too. I’m not sure what we will see next, but if nothing before, we shall go to the pantomime at Christmas.

I am going to try in earnest to document more of the Lily that makes us laugh. I have been truly dreadful at this of late. Without using my voice recorder, I’m useless.

In the mean time, I shall remember to love and nurture her. That I can do.

Oh and my baking business! It would be rude of me not to let you have a wee peek at that too.

Please feel free to add me to your likes list.






2 thoughts on “It’s not like I’ve stopped caring you know!

  1. Sharon says:

    Hello Josanne, I am Sharon , my love friend and I would like a baby. I had some doubts, because I 47 in May. I don’t want to lose My love friend Matthew, he mean’s the world to me.
    Doctors keep telling me that I am too old. I was teased at school, and I worry about Matthew and i’s baby at school.
    I worry about our baby being sick. I can’t find any older mother’s group’s to talk too.
    Please help me with some advice. The lady in Priceline, she told me what vitamins to take .
    She and another friend said, don’t listen to the doctor’s
    Kind regard’s Sharon

    • Hi Sharon
      Thank you for contacting me, and you’ll be glad you did, as I will not give you any negativity about wanting/trying for a baby at 46/47.
      I found out that I was pregnant at 46 and gave birth to my daughter at 47 (she is now 6). Initially, it was a huge shock to be pregnant but once that wore off, I was pleased to be pregnant again. My other children are 33 & 31. Although I cannot guarantee you’ll get pregnant naturally, you can without doubt, can and have a normal pregnancy and a beautiful child without disability.
      I was labelled a ‘geriatric mother’ due to my age. Not a lovely label to wear but it’s medical, not personal! I was also told to expect a very high risk of a child being born disabled. The risk for my age was 1:25, in fact my risk after bloods were done, was 1:2500! What a difference! I was and am overweight, which went against me, but apart from some painful hip problems, my pregnancy was normal.
      You will always get someone who will not think twice about giving you negative comments. Saying that, it’s you and your partners decision to go ahead and try for a child. The doctors have to tell you of the risks involved, but that is all that they are – risks, not guaranteed to happen.
      As for your child being teased at school or anyone saying negative things to me about being an older mum, it really hasn’t happen to myself or daughter. It may come once she’s older, but we’ve taught her to be strong and to stick up for herself and I’m sure she would cope with any negativity that may come later.
      I agree with your friend and the lady at Priceline. Make your own decisions.

      Please try this website. I used it in my early stages, and I found 2 ladies there, who I have become friends with. I think if you contact one of the like minded ladies who you can relate to, it will help you immensely.

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